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Gotham Knights Legendary Gear | How to Craft

Gotham Knights Legendary Gear - How to Craft

In Gotham Knightsyour power level means a lot. It improves which activities you can do, which quests you can undergo, and how quickly you take out enemies. Because of that, you’re going to want to find Legendary Gear in Gotham Knights! These items will make it possible to speed through fights and survive some of the more difficult encounters that the game has to offer. However, they don’t just grow on trees. You’re going to have to farm a bit if you want these items, and know what to farm!

How to Craft Legendary Gear in Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights Legendary Gear

In order to craft Legendary Gear in Gotham Knights, you have to know where you can find blueprints. Blueprints for legendary items are found as drops in Very High difficulty activities. You will have to randomly find them as you grind these crime scenes and minigames throughout Gotham Knights. Once you have a blueprint, you can head to a workbench to see if you meet the prerequisites to craft it.

Unfortunately, you’ll just need to grind the high-level activities scattered across Gotham in order to gather the gear you want. To find them, look for the red “Very High” difficulty mark on your map.

Legendary blueprints work similar to all other blueprints. You get one to work with, but it can be spent in any category that you’d like. But, spending it will blow it permanently, so you won’t get to use the same blueprint on all characters you want to play. That shouldn’t matter much, though. A ton of these activities spawn across the map, so you’ll eventually find the gear items that you’re looking for!

High-level activities are no joke, but you should be able to consistently do them once you know your combat and stealth mechanics. Get into a groove with the game and then start trying out these activities to start farming your items.

You’ll also need quite a bit of salvage. Thankfully, salvage will be plentiful over the course of your Bat career in Gotham Knights. As long as you are doing side quests and crime scenes, you’ll have the crafting materials you need.

Written by Andrew Smith