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Gotham Knights Pressure Plates | How to Disarm

Gotham Knights Pressure Plates - How to Disarm

Throughout Gotham Knights, you’ll get multiple side missions to stop Bruce Wayne’s identity from being exposed. Unless you want that news to spill, it’s best you stop the hacker groups by scrambling their data. However, that’s easier said than done, since the server locations are usually armed with guards, cameras, and pressure plates. While you might be able to fool the guards and cameras, the pressure plates can be problematic. So read on, because this guide will show you how to disarm them so you can encrypt the server and protect Batman’s identity.

How to Disarm Pressure Plates in Gotham Knights

How to Disarm Pressure Plates in Gotham Knights

There are a total of five Secret Identity Compromised activities in Gotham Knights. All of these require you to disable the cameras, laser systems, and pressure plates in order to reach the server you need to encrypt. When you get to one of these locations, the first thing you’ll want to do is use the AR Scan (press down on the directional pad) to identify all the cameras and their corresponding panels to disarm them.

The same goes for turning off pressure plates. Just as there is a panel to disable the cameras, there’s a separate one for pressure plates. Use the AR Scan on the plates, and the panel nearby to disarm them will be highlighted. Do note that you’ll only disable the pressure plates for 15 seconds before they are active again. So, for some missions, you may have to disable panels in a specific order to get past an area.

However, sometimes the security systems will be blocking your path to the panel. In this case, you’ll want to use your grapple to get above and past them. Then there should be a safe spot you can drop below, to access and disarm the panel. So to recap, if you’re having trouble getting past security systems, use your AR Scan to find the disarm panel. If the panel is in a hard-to-reach spot, use your grapple to maneuver your way to it. And remember, the pressure plates will only be disabled for 15 seconds.

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Written by Andrew Smith