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Grounded Bird Location | Where to Find

Grounded Bird Location

The first major content update for the early access, shrunken down survival game Grounded has finally been released on all platforms. This update added new crafting recipes, AI patterns, and creatures to the backyard. Included with the new creatures is a massive crow that flies around, dropping feathers for you to craft with. But, where can you find the bird in Grounded along with its feathers?

Where to Find the Bird in Grounded

In Grounded, the bird lands around the bird bath in the southern portion of the map, near the hedges. It’s only there occasionally — it eats a few berries, bites at a few spiders, then leaves — so you might have to visit the bird bath a few times before you find it. It can also show up at the picnic table at the western side of the map, but we don’t have access to that yet, so the bird bath is the place to be for now.

Further, the bird bath will have a lot of bird feathers nearby – especially in the nearby bushes – that you can use to craft beds and the new marksman cap, which increases bow damage. The feathers can be tricky to get to in some cases, and you’ll need an insect axe in order to cut it. Additionally, make sure you bring items to help you descend to feathers without taking fall damage.

The crow, while it’s landed, doesn’t seem able to be killed. We might not have the materials to kill it quite yet, or maybe developers intend for it to stay alive because it doesn’t stay in the bird bath for long.

Hopefully, with the addition of the bird and water fleas, Obsidian plans on adding more creatures to the game; large and small. Mosquitoes and bees could be cool, but what if a major part of the story is climbing around a dog like it’s a living, breathing dungeon? If the crow is any sign of things to come, anything larger than an ant is going to be a terrifying threat to our nickel-sized protagonists.

Written by Andrew Smith