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Grounded Water Fleas | Where to Find

Grounded Water Flea

Grounded, the Xbox and PC shrunken-down survival game, just received its first major content update. Along with a new perk system, new quests, and more craftable items, Obsidian Entertainment also added in some new critters for you to find. Grounded’s water fleas are a part of the ever-evolving world that our miniature protagonists find themselves brawling. But, where do you find these cute little buggers?

Where to Find Water Fleas in Grounded

To find water fleas in Grounded, make your way to the flooded area in the southern section of the map, near the bird bath. In the waters of this area are the aforementioned swimming insects. They’re quite large, so if you can’t see them right away, they’re probably in another body of water!

They are able to be killed, but you should probably deal with them from afar, with a bow and arrow. Most of the time, they’re swimming too deep in the water for you to use more traditional melee weapons to take them out. Occasionally, they’ll come to the surface and glide along for a bit; then you can use whatever mallet you want in order to take them down.

They don’t drop anything other than their meat, which does satisfy your hunger, so you have another source of relatively consistent food that can’t do much to fight back. In addition, it seems like there’s a recipe associated with water flea meat, but field stations don’t seem to currently give you the recipe.

This adds a little extra element to the flooded biome that was sorely lacking. While the water fleas don’t do too much upon dying and don’t seem to be very threatening, this adds a bit of life to the biome that was known for little more than water and ponds. And maybe in the future, water fleas will have additional uses; I could see these little guys being more helpful than they appear!

These aren’t the only forms of wildlife that the devs added to this patch. Spiders are now able to do more attacks… because they needed that. It seems that the water fleas gave all their aggressiveness to our much-hated nemeses. Oh, and don’t forget the newly added crow!

Written by Andrew Smith