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Grounded Mint Mallet | How To Get Tier 3 Hammer

Mint Mallet

Obsidian Entertainment’s latest content update for Grounded came with a lot of new things to do, like new crafting recipes, quests, environments… and dangerous creatures. Due to these new dangers, they’ve just added a new two-handed weapon to devastate the battlefield; the Mint Mallet. It isn’t easy to make, though! That’s why we’ve made this guide, just for you.

How to Get Mint Mallet in Grounded

To get the Mint Mallet in Grounded, you’ll need to collect five Mint Chunks, nine Spider Silk, and eight Flower Petals. Each of these have their own challenges to overcome, so you’ll be working hard for your top-tier weapon.

To get Mint Chunks, you’ll need the Insect Hammer. This weapon will require four Stinkbug Parts, 12 Berry Chunks, and one Bombardier Beetle Boiling Gland. Check out our Tier 2 Tools Guide for more information on how to get that, if you don’t have it already.

Insect hammer in hand, you can then go to the near the starting area, slap open the lid, and break the Ice Caps breath mints.

Flower petals litter the floor at the north east point of the map. They’re to the northeast of the big oak tree with red leaves. Once there, you can just pick them off of the floor.

Spider Silk is easiest to get from Orb Weaver Spiders. They’ve always been hard to fight, and they recently got new abilities, so be prepared! For a basic guide on how to start killing them, visit our Spider-Slaying guide. Due to the newest update, they have more ranged attacks. You’ll still be able to block everything, if you’re patient, get the timing down, and remember you can run if you need to!

Luckily, there are no new workbenches to build. So, once you have all of your parts, head to a basic workbench and you’ve got yourself a Mint Mallet, ready to bust insect heads.

Grounded‘s new update added so much to their world. If you’ve been putting off playing the game due to bugs or lack of content, now is a great time to start. To catch up on news, check out a few of our guides on the newest content:

See you in the backyard!

Written by Andrew Smith