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Grounded Tier 2 Tools | How to Get

Grounded Cold Blood Chip

After getting a base set of weapons, players will be able to upgrade their tools in Grounded as they uncover new resources. In most cases, Tier 2 tools will be needed to fight off stronger enemies and destroy stronger items. Unfortunately, each tool is a bit different and will require specific items to upgrade. Thankfully, we are here to help.

How to Get Tier 2 Tools in Grounded

Grounded Tier 2 Tools

As you begin exploring the depths of the backyard, there are two main Tier 2 tools you’re going to want to have, an Insect Axe and an Insect Hammer. You’ll unlock these weapons upgrades naturally as you scan different items at the analyzer and both can be made from combining various bug parts.

To make a Tier 2 axe in Grounded, you’ll need to track down the following items:

  • Ladybug Head (1)
  • Bombardier Part (3)
  • Spider Silk (4)

Players will be able to find the first two items from a ladybug and the last item from a spider. These insects can be a bit tough to kill, so you’ll want to make sure you have smoothies or some other item to heal up with. Further, you will likely want to make sure you have plenty of arrows crafted so you can attack the big bugs from a distance. You’re going to want to have the Insect Axe as you get into the later portions of the game because you’ll need it to chop down weeds.

To make a Tier 2 hammer in Grounded, you’ll need to track down the following items:

  • Stinkbug Parts (4)
  • Berry Leather (4)
  • Boiling Gland (1)

You’ll find the stinkbugs wandering around naturally and can get the Berry Leather by analyzing Berry Chunks, which can be harvested from the big blueish berries hanging around. Lastly, Boiling Glands can be obtained from beetles. You may not need it yet, but you’re going to want the Insect Hammer to get into the Ice Caps Mint Container. This will allow you to harvest mint chunks, which can be used to craft the Tier 3 hammer, the Mint Mallet.

Now that you know how to get Tier 2 tools in Grounded you’re almost ready to begin exploring more of the backyard. Before you head out, be sure to check out some of our other guides.

Happy upgrading!

Written by Andrew Smith