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GTA 5 Ammo | How to Get More Ammunition

GTA 5 Ammo

GTA 5 gives you dozens of weapons to play around with, from shotguns and assault rifles to rocket launchers and everything in between. But in the wise words of Eminem, “what good is a machine gun when it’s out of ammo?” Truer words have never been spoken. And that’s exactly why you’ll need to make sure you constantly stock up on ammo for all your favorite guns. Luckily, GTA 5 ammo is pretty easy to come by if you know where to look.

How to Get Ammo in GTA 5

How to Get Ammo in GTA 5

You don’t need to worry about having to buy different ammunition for every single gun in GTA 5 because many of them use the same type of ammo. For instance, pistols and micro SMGs both use 9mm rounds. To avoid spending more money than you need, try to stick to guns that share the same ammo pool.

When you need more ammunition, your go-to place for buying GTA 5 ammo is Ammu-Nation. This fictional chain of guns shops sells a wide variety of weapons along with ammo, armor, and a few pieces of apparel. You can find Ammu-Nation shops scattered all around Los Santos. But if you’re having trouble locating one, simply open your map and look for the gun icons.

If you’re looking for ways to buy ammo in GTA Online, the simplest method would be to just use the interaction menu. While not nearly as realistic as having to visit a gun shop, buying ammo from the interaction menu is a lot faster. GTA Online also lets you buy all the ammo you need just before starting a job. In addition, you can call up Merriweather and have them drop an ammo box at your location.

Finally, you can sometimes get ammo by killing NPCs. With that said, it’s generally not worth the hassle to attack NPCs just to try and score some ammo.

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Written by Andrew Smith