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Hacker Steals Two Million Dollars In CS:GO Skins

Hacker Steals Two Million Dollars In CS:GO Skins

Counter-Strike successor CS:GO has been rocked with a high-profile robbery fit for the silver screen. The popular team-based FPS has put a lot of effort into providing creative and valuable cosmetics. Naturally, many players spend a lot of time and resources collecting them — often using real-world cash. As such, this makes them vulnerable to thieves. Word has just broke of one account in particular that was robbed of some of their most valuable skins. A hacker accessed their account and got away with almost $2 million worth of skins. While there are those who are working hard to address this issue, some of the stolen skins have already been sold on the market.

Open Thievery of CS:GO Skins

Since CS:GO came out in 2012, it has remained consistent in terms of its player base and functionality. The devs at both Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment have continued to develop and update the game with new content. Of these updates, the decision to include skins was one of the most successful. People will spend hundreds of hours or saving up money just so they can collect all of the rarest and most interesting skins. One player had amassed quite a collection which made them a prime target for the hacker. The theft was subtle with the victim not knowing what had happened before it was too late.

The hacker has been keeping a low profile since then by selling the stolen skins at market price rather than trying to make a significant profit. However, they still stand to make quite a lot of money based on the value of each item. Among them are seven AWP Dragon Lore skins which can sell for up to $55,000.

The collection was so valuable that it caught the attention of a streamer known as ohnepixel, who identifies themselves as a “csgo skins guy”. They have since reached out on Twitter asking for anyone to share any information they may have on the theft in an attempt to track down the hacker. They have also tried to contact Valve for their support on the matter.

This CS:GO skins case biggest video game thefts ever recorded and as cosmetics continue to gain more value and popularity, there are likely to be more in the future. That’s why people like ohnepixel are already taking steps to prevent this from happening again.

Written by Andrew Smith