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Hades Administrative Chamber | How to Unlock

Administrative Chamber

Hades is fairly up there in terms of story-driven rogue-lites, with a lot of hidden and fun unlocks to get before you’re done. One of them involves the Administrative Chamber, a room of the House of Hades which isn’t accessible right away. Should you want to go there, you’ll need to get some dialogue progress… But how do you know when it’s time? This guide will tell you!

How to Unlock the Administrative Chamber in Hades

In order to get to the Administrative Chamber, you first must trigger the flashback from an earlier occasion when Zagreus tried to escape. In the flashback, he visits the Administrative Room. Afterwards, you can unlock the chamber for three Diamonds.

That may seem expensive (and it is!), but the Administrative Chamber has some important stuff inside. First, it has the Permanent Record. The Permanent Record has lists about your Infernal Arms and aspects, your Boons, your Daedelus Hammer upgrades, and your companion uses, among other things. It’s a walking-talking guide to how often you used practically everything in the game.

If you want more number-based details about your escape attempts, you can look at the Security Log. There, you can see your runs in more complete detail; what weapon you used, how long it took, how much heat you had, etc. So, you have a general and a focused look at your time playing this game.

If that wasn’t enough, Hades’ bureaucratic workplace also has other records. During some quests for denizens of Hades, you might be asked to go into the Administrative Records. This is to check on a sentence, or undo a law. You have to be able to wander in here first, so the upgrades you’ll get from making friends will be worth it.

Don’t go throwing away everything you spent to unlock the Administrative Chamber. However, it’s not a waste of your diamonds. Get to it as soon as you have some extra diamonds laying around.

Written by Andrew Smith