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Hades Best Duo Boons | Duo Boons to Look For

Best Duo Boons

Prince Zagreus needs every little advantage he needs to crawl out of Hades, and one of the best ways to guarantee you’ll get out is Duo Boons. These synergistic boosts can really bump up your chance to survive a run. But, there are 28 of these things, which can be hard to remember. Are any of them worth it? And which ones should you build for if they are? Yes, and we’ll tell you our picks for the best Duo Boons in this brief guide!

Best Duo Boons in Hades

All Duo Boons are powerful, but these are the options that I’ve built for (and won with!). If you get one of these gods, then it might be worth throwing on a keepsake to look for the other one in the next area, because these can make the Hades final boss into a joke! With help from other boons, of course.

Key: If I say “Attack” or another action, that means it’s that god’s specific boon for that action. Hopefully, this will help you remember what you need a little more than the name! Below, you’ll find our picks for the best Duo Boons in Hades.

On-Hit: Poseidon/Zeus – Sea Storm

  • Your push-back effects cause a lightning bolt to drop.
  • Poseidon: Attack, Special, Dash, Cast, Call
  • Zeus: Attack, Special, Dash, Cast, Call, Near Miss Dash

This combo gets ridiculous. Poseidon’s boons usually don’t do much against bosses, since you can’t push them back. That’s why he has a boon to buff damage against bosses. But, combined with Zeus, suddenly every hit also calls down a 40 damage lightning bolt. 40! That’s a ton of damage, especially on rapid-fire builds like the Rail. Heck, if you get Poseidon’s dash, you can turn it into a nuclear bomb! If you got Poseidon Attack on a fast-hitting weapon, try to go for this.

Cast: Ares/Artemis – Hunting Blades

  • The Blade Rift cast hunts down enemies.
  • Ares: Cast
  • Artemis: Attack, Special, Dash, Call

If you’ve wanted to try a cast build, get Blade Rift. These devastating disks shred enemies, but they are not too useful on smaller bosses, like the Champions. However, if you get this Duo Boon… The Blade Rifts kill the bosses for you! Especially with something like the Aspect of Hera bow, this combo will decimate bosses and enemies alike.

For a slightly less effective Duo Boon, replace Ares’s cast with Demeter’s for the Death Star build. And, if you sometimes forget to collect your Cast afterward, combine it with Zeus’s lightning abilities to turn your ammo into a minefield!

Critical Rate: Artemis/Dionysus – Splitting Headache

  • Every stack of Hangover gives +1.5% crit chance.
  • Artemis: Attack, Special, Cast, Call
  • Dionysus: Attack, Special, Dash, Call

Get ’em drunk, and knock ’em down! If you want an easy way to get a 7.5% crit chance, then this Duo Boon is for you! Considering the fact that any crit chance is strong – and Artemis herself can only give you about 4-6% for all damage. An easy way to get this much crit is incredibly useful since it lets you crit on really big hits!

If you’re lucky enough to combo this with a way to apply Weak, from Aphrodite, you can do a double duo boon; higher crit chance here, and then Aphrodite/Artemis gives you more crit damage!

Hangover: Aphrodite/Dionysus – Low Tolerance

  • You can stack hangover up to eight times, instead of five, if the foe is Weak.
  • Aphrodite: Weaken effects.
  • Dionysus: Attack, Special, Dash, Call

Not too shabby! One of the worst parts of Dionysus was the tiny hangover cap, and this mitigates it by 50%! So, all of your hangover stuff does 50% more damage (kind of). If you’re trying to do a fast-hitting weapon with Hangover, this Duo Boon is a must!

Combine this with Ares’s curse boons to get faster damage over time, and you’ll mess Hades up with nothing but alcoholism!

Collecting: Dionysus/Poseidon – Exclusive Access

  • Your Boons have a minimum rarity of Epic
  • Dionysus: Attack, Special, Dash, Cast, Call
  • Poseidon: Attack, Special, Dash, Cast Call

This one’s not going to win you the game. But, get this early, and you’ll be unstoppable. With minimum Epic rarity, you not only get stupid amounts of extra value, but you also get a higher chance of Legendaries and Duos. This can make runs easy… But, you need to get it early enough for it to matter!

All Duo Boons are good; these are just the ones I look for while exploring Hades. Athena, for example, didn’t make this list, but she has great boons for Area of Effect and Backstab. These are the Duo Boons that I think are most worth your while.

Finally, if you’re having trouble with the specific prerequisites of any Duo Boon, check the god’s Codex and boon guide. It helps a ton!

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Written by Andrew Smith