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Hades Hidden Aspects | How to Unlock Every Hidden Aspect

Hidden Aspects

Hades has a huge focus on it’s weapons. The six Infernal Arms that Zagreus acquires on his quest to leave Hades are unique and fun to use. However, if six weapons weren’t enough variety, each of them has three Aspects… and then one hidden aspect. These, also known as the Legendary Aspects, can only be unlocked with some elbow grease. They are based off of different religions or mythology, and thus calls back to mythology around the world. Also important is that these weapons offer an entirely different playstyle! Learn to unlock each of them here!

Minor Spoiler Warning!

How to Unlock All Hidden Aspects in Hades

In Hades, Hidden Aspects, typically, are unlocked by investing five Titan Blood into a weapon and then talking to someone who knows the legendary story. The most important one is the Aspect of Guan Yu, which may unlock other Legendary Aspects. If you can’t get the Aspect you want, that’s because you may need to (unfortunately) unlock the Aspect of Guan Yu first.

If you are not getting the dialogue, do a few runs, because the dialogue to unlock the weapon might be hidden behind additional others in a queue. In the list below, you’ll find a breakdown of all Hidden Aspects in Hades.

  • Sword – Aspect of Arthur: After unlocking the Aspect of Guan Yu, invest five Titan’s Blood and talk to Nyx.
  • Spear – Aspect of Guan Yu: Gather a few non-hidden Aspects (usually costing six Titan Blood in total) and then talk to Achilles.
  • Shield – Aspect of Beowulf: Invest five Titan’s Blood into Shields, then talk to Chaos.
  • Bow – Aspect of Rama: Invest five Titan’s Blood into Bows, then talk to Artemis.
  • Fist – Aspect of Gilgamesh: Invest five Titan’s Blood into Fists, then talk to Asterius when he is alone. In order to do this, look for a skull icon on the chamber rewards in Elysium. Asterius is considered a miniboss encounter, but this method is not guaranteed to give you a fight with him.
  • Gun – Aspect of Lucifer: Invest five Titan’s Blood into Guns, then talk to Zeus.

This dialogue can be hard to find, especially since four of them require random events and gods! Use the god’s keepsakes to guarantee that you’ll meet them. However, that won’t help much for Chaos or Asterius. That requires some luck, or purchasing specific things from Charan pools.

Each of these Legendary Aspects are super influential on gameplay. Give them each a try to find out which you like best! They might make you like a weapon that you otherwise hated.

Written by Andrew Smith