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Harvestella Feed Maker | How to Get

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As much as we enjoy the combat in Harvestella, it’s equally important to spend time maintaining and developing your farm back home. However, when you’re out adventuring and pursuing story quests, you’re not always around to feed your livestock. That is why it may be time to invest in a Feed Maker, which will feed your livestock on a consistent basis. In the long run, it will also save you some Grilla. If you want to get a Feed Maker in Harvestella, this guide will tell you exactly how, so read on to find out!

How to Get a Feed Maker in Harvestella

How to Get a Feed Maker in Harvestella

You can purchase the Feed Maker recipe in Harvestella for 200 Grilla from the Conellu Emporium merchant in Lethe Village. However, that just unlocks the recipe, know you’ll need to gather the materials to craft it back home. For the Feed Maker, you’ll need two pieces of Lumber and two Rusty Metals. You can find Lumber nodes, just about anywhere around your farm, and more than likely already have two in your inventory. Rusty Metals, on the other hand, you get from mining nodes around your farm, or in other regions like Njord Steppe and Higan Canyon.

Once you’ve got two of both resources, head to your crafting table and you’ll be able to make the Feed Maker. This will take precisely 40 minutes to craft, so feel free to run off and gather resources or pursue a story mission. Once your Feed Maker is done, simply place it on an empty plot of land near your livestock. Now, all you have to do is put in Stellar what, Morrocorn, or Carrop to produce Cluffowl feed over night. You can also put in Grass, Wild Lead, and Dress Lettuce to produce Woolum feed overnight.

This is much more efficient and cost-effective than buying Cluffowl feed or Woolen feed for 100 Grilla from the Conellu Emporium merchant in Lethe Village. If this guide helped, be sure to check out our other Harvestella guides below:

Written by Andrew Smith