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High On Life Epic Legendary Prize Achievement | How to Complete

High on Life Epic Legendary Prize Achievement - How to Complete

One of the many great aspects of High On Life is the extensive wacky lore that fans come to expect. Not only does it normally present itself through the narrative, but the in-game TV also adds more flavor to the world. High on Life welcomes this concept whenever you pass by a TV that’s not playing a movie. If you’re lucky, you could catch a particular ad that will reward you with the “Epic Legendary Prize” achievement. Keep reading onward to see how you can acquire this special reward.

How to Complete the Epic Legendary Prize Achievement in High On Life

How to Complete the Epic Legendary Prize Achievement in High on Life

You need to watch the countdown ad on TV in its entirety to obtain the “Epic Legendary Prize” achievement. This is presented with a moving robot that will initiate a lengthy countdown. It will take minutes to complete, but you need to stay within its close viewing range to get the achievement. Feel free to put the controller down and grab a snack while the robot anticipates the viewers with prizes. What’s the prize? The achievement itself for 40 Gamerscore.

Stumbling upon this tedious ad will happen merely by chance. With a multitude of commercials to get through, waiting around for the countdown ad might take hours. Therefore, you’re going to have to commit to a loop here. Stand in front of your TV at home then continuously load your last checkpoint to cycle through commercials. Eventually, you will reach the countdown footage, but it’s all a matter of patience and luck.

Once you do find it, ensure that your character watches the ad all the way through. You can place the controller down while this goes on, as you probably would if you’re watching interdimensional cable in the game. Most likely, you’re not wandering around if something on the TV catches your attention. Much like the Demon Wind experience, you simply sit and enjoy the experience without pressing a button.

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Written by Andrew Smith