Honkai Star Rail Jingliu Guide

Honkai Star Rail Jingliu Guide
Photo Credits: miHoYo

Just when we think that we’ve got the strongest character with Blade’s release, Jingliu comes along. Plus, they both play around with HP. The only difference is that Blade plays with his own HP while Jingliu plays with others. We’ll get into that and more in this Honkai Star Rail Jingliu Guide.

Brace yourself, and happy Trailblazing!


What to Expect From Honkai Star Rail Jingliu

Jingliu Character
Photo Credits: miHoYo

Jingliu is a DPS character with Ice abilities and the latest character to drop with update 1.4. Along with her character, we have her companion missions, which adds more background and depth as to who she is. She was the legendary sword master of the Xianzhou Luofu who succumbed to Mara and lost her mind. You can read more about that here.

Her kit consists mainly of dealing out Ice Damage to enemies and using her team members to grow stronger. This means she drains your team’s HP to boost her damage with no remorse. However, even at her base, she is already stronger than the Imbibitor Lunae and Blade. If you manage to raise her Eidolons, she is practically unstoppable.


Honkai Star Rail Jingliu Abilities

Jingliu Abilities
Photo Credits: miHoYo

Basic Attack: Lucent Moonglow

It allows her to deal Ice Damage equal to 50% of her attack to a single enemy target.


Skill: Transcendent Flash

Allows Jingliu to dish out Ice Damage equal to 100% of her attack to a single enemy target and gain one stack of Syzygy.


Enhanced Skill: Moon on Glacial River

Jingliu gives out Ice Damage equal to 125% of her attack to a single enemy target and Ice Damage equal to 62% of her attack to adjacent targets. This will consume one stack of Syzygy but will not consume skill points.


Ultimate: Florephemeral Dreamflux

She deals Ice Damage equal to 180% of her attack to a single enemy target and Ice Damage equal to 90% of her attack to adjacent targets. She gains one stack of Syzygy after this attack.


Talent: Crescent Transmigration

Jingliu will enter the Spectral Transmigration state when she has two stacks of Syzygy, and her actions will be advanced by 100%. Her CRIT rate increases by 40%, and her Transcendent Flash Skill will become her Enhanced Skill. She can only use her Enhanced Skill from now in battle.

When Jingliu attacks in this state, she will consume HP from all allies equal to 4% of their respective max HP. Her attack then increases by 540% of the total HP consumed from all allies in this attack, capped at 90% of her base attack. This lasts until the current attack ends. She cannot enter this state again until the current one ends. Syzygy can stack up to 3 times; when it reaches 0, she will revert to normal.


Technique: Shine of Truth

It creates a dimension around Jingliu that lasts for 20 seconds, and all enemies caught in it will be Frozen. When entering combat with these enemies, she regenerates 15 Energy and obtains one stack of Syzygy. There is also a 100% base chance of Freezing enemies for one turn. 

When Frozen, the enemy cannot take action and receive additional Ice Damage equal to 80% of Jingliu’s attack at the start of every turn. Note that only one dimension created by allies can exist simultaneously.


Honkai Star Rail Jingliu Light Cones

I Shall Be My Own Sword

I Shall Be My Own Sword Light Cone
Photo Credits: miHoYo

As Jingliu’s Signature Light Cone, this is the obvious choice for her. This Light Cone increases its wearer’s CRIT damage by 20%. When an ally (minus the wearer) gets attacked or loses HP, its wearer will gain one stack of Eclipse, with a maximum of 3 stacks. Each stack of Eclipse increases the wearer’s next attack by 14%. When the max stack is reached, it will enable that attack to ignore 12% of the enemy’s defense. This effect is removed after the wearer attacks.

With these stats, Jingliu is the only character to fully utilize this Light Cone’s ability and potential. She gets a damage buff when her allies lose HP and an attack that ignores enemy defenses. This makes her a terrifying opponent to go up against on the field.


Something Irreplaceable

Something Irreplaceable Light Cone
Photo Credits: miHoYo

An excellent 5-star alternative if you have it in your collection, Something Irreplaceable directly increases its wearer’s attack by 24%. When its wearer defeats an enemy or gets hit, their HP gets restored equal to 8% of their attack. Simultaneously, the wearer’s damage increases by 24% until the end of their next turn. This effect is not stackable and can only trigger once per turn.

It has high base stats and increases Jingliu’s attacks significantly while ensuring she does not die. In a way, it makes her almost invincible, especially since she seems to be the strongest character in the game right now, even before increasing her Eidolons.


On the Fall of An Aeon

On The Fall of An Aeon Light Cone
Photo Credits: miHoYo

A good, easy-to-obtain alternative if you do not have her signature Light Cone or Something Irreplaceable. You can get this from the Herta Store for 6 Herta Bonds. This Light Cone allows its wearer’s attacks to be increased by 8% in battle up to 4 times. When Weakness Break is inflicted on enemies, the wearer’s damage increases by 12% for two turns.

It is recommended to Superimpose this Light Cone to get the maximum benefits for your character. The significant increase in damage added to Jingliu’s already high-damage attacks will make her a terrifying beast on the battlefield. In some ways, On the Fall of An Aeon may be your best bet for a F2P Light Cone.


A Secret Vow

A Secret Vow Light Cone
Photo Credits: miHoYo

This 4-star Light Cone is decent and a good option if you don’t have the rest on this list. It increases the damage dealt by its wearer by 20% and an extra 20% to enemies with an HP percentage higher or equal to its wearer. 

As such, it ensures that all enemies are weaker than its wearer. The amount of damage dealt with this Light Cone makes it a good enough substitute for Jingliu, especially if you Superimpose it to the max.


Honkai Star Rail Jingliu Eidolons

Jingliu Eidolons
Photo Credits: miHoYo

Level 1: Moon Crashes Tianguan Gate

Her CRIT damage increases by 24% for one turn when she uses her Ultimate or Enhanced Skill.


Level 2: Crescent Shadows Qixing Dipper

The damage of her Enhanced Skill increases by 80% after using her Ultimate.


Level 3: Halfmoon Gapes Mercurial Haze 

Ultimate and Talent level +2, max level 15.


Level 4: Lunarlance Shines Skyward Dome 

In the Spectral Transmigration state, her increased attacks from consuming her allies’ HP increase by 90% of the total HP consumed by the entire team. The cap for attack gained this way also increases by 30%.


Level 5: Night Shades Astral Radiance 

Skill level +2, max level 15, and Basic Attack +1, max level 10.


Level 6: Eclipse Hollows Corporeal Husk

She gains one stack of Syzygy as she enters the Spectral Transmigration state. In this state, her CRIT damage increases by 50%.


Honkai Star Rail Jingliu Trace Level Up and Ascension Materials

Trace Level-Up Materials

Jingliu Traces
Photo Credits: miHoYo
  • Shattered Blade x 15
  • Immortal Scionette x 41
  • Lifeless Blade x 72
  • Immortal Aeroblossom x 56
  • Worldbreaker Blade x 139
  • Immortal Lumintwig
  • Regret of Infinite Ochema
  • Tracks of Destiny
  • 3,000,000 Credits


Shattered Blade can be obtained by defeating enemies in the Crimson Calyx: Bud of Destruction. It can also be bought through the Herta Space Station World Shop and Jarilo-VI World Shop, as well as the Embers Exchange Store. Lifeless Blade and Worldbreaker Blade can be gained through Crimson Calyx: Bud of Destruction or the Synthesizer.

Note that for each run in the Crimson Calyx, you will need 10 Trailblaze Power.

The Immortal Scionette can be obtained by defeating Mara-Struck Soldiers on Cloudford, Stargazer Navalia, or the Simulated Universe. It can also be synthesized in the Synthesizer or bought in the Xianzhou Luofu World Shop and Embers Exchange Store. You can also get it by defeating Abominations of Abundance or assignment rewards. 

Similarly, defeating higher-ranked Mara-Struck Soldiers and Abominations of Abundance allows you to get Immortal Aeroblossom and Immortal Lumintwig, aside from getting them through the Synthesizer and Simulated Universe, of course.

The Tracks of Destiny can be obtained through the Embers Exchange Store, Nameless Honor, Simulated Universe, or as limited-time event rewards.

Lastly, Regret of Infinite Ochema can be obtained as a reward for defeating the Echo of War: Phantylia the Undying located at Scalegorge Waterscape in the Xianzhou Luofu. You will need 30 Trailblaze Power for this.


Ascension Materials

Level Ascension Materials
20 – 30 Immortal Scionette x 5

4,000 Credits

30 – 40 Immortal Scionette x 10

8,000 Credits

40 – 50 Gelid Chitin x 3

Immortal Aeroblossom x 6

16,000 Credits

50 – 60 Gelid Chitin x 7

Immortal Aeroblossom x 9

40,000 Credits

60 – 70 Gelid Chitlin x 20

Immortal Lumintwig x 6

80,000 Credits

70 – 80 Gelid Chitin x 35

Immortal Lumintwig x 9

160,000 Credits


Gelid Chitin can be obtained by doing runs of the Cloudford: Stagnant Shadow in Jarilo-VI or through the Synthesizer. You will need 30 Trailblaze Power for each run. To obtain more Credits, you can farm the Calyx (Golden): Bud of Treasures or destroy objects and open chests as you wander around. Credits are also obtained from rewards, completing quests, or events. If you’re desperate, you can also buy it through the World Shops.


Honkai Star Rail Jingliu Best Relics and Ornaments


Hunter of Glacial Forest

Hunter of Glacial Forest Relic
Photo Credits: miHoYo
  • 2-piece set: increases Ice Damage by 10%
  • 4-piece set: CRIT damage increases by 25% for two turns after the wearer uses their Ultimate.

This is the best option for Jingliu as it gives her more Ice Damage and increases her CRIT damage. It is helpful in any scenario.


Musketeer of Wild Wheat

Musketeer of Wild Wheat Relic
Photo Credits: miHoYo
  • 2-piece set: increases attack by 12%
  • 4-piece set: the wearer’s speed increases by 6%, and Basic Attack damage increases by 10%.

This relic set is a good alternative if you are still farming for better relic stats. A combo of the Musketeer of Wild Wheat and Hunter of Glacial Forest is also a good option for those who do not have the 4-piece set Hunter of Glacial Forest.



Rutilant Arena

Rutilant Arena Ornament
Photo Credits: miHoYo

This 2-piece set increases its wearer’s CRIT rate by 8%, and when it reaches 70% and above, the wearer’s Basic Attack and Skill Damage increases by 20%. Since most of Jingliu’s damage comes from her skills, this is the best option for her. Her Talent’s massive CRIT rate buff helps her activate this ornament easily.


Space Sealing Station

Space Sealing Station Ornament
Photo Credits: miHoYo

The 2-piece set of Space Sealing Station increases its wearer’s attack by 12%. When the wearer’s speed reaches 120 and above, their attack increases by an extra 12%. This is a good alternative if you do not have the Ruilant Arena Ornament available. Mainly because it offers a good amount of attack buffs, and the speed requirement should be easy to reach with Jingliu’s Traces that offer a speed boost.


Team Compositions

Bronya, Pela, Luocha

Jingliu Best Team
Photo Credits: miHoYo

Since Jingliu is an obvious DPS, you will need characters for the rest of your team. If you have been lucky so far and have acquired Bronya, Pela, and Luocha from previous events or banners, then you’re in luck. 

This is the dream team, as Bronya can continuously advance Jingliu’s actions forward, not giving a chance for enemy attacks, while Pela can reduce their defense and dispel debuffs. Luocha is the best healer currently available, too. As such, Jingliu can use up her allies’ HP as much as she wants without worrying about them dropping dead. 


Asta, Fire Trailblazer, Natasha (F2P Team)

Jingliu F2P Team
Photo Credits: miHoYo

For those looking for a free-to-play alternative, we recommend Asta for Support, the Fire Trailblazer as your tank, as well as defense, and Natasha as your pro-healer. This is a solid team, as Asta has good speed and attack buffs, while the Fire Trailblazer can put up shields and taunt enemies. Natasha can give you good heals, especially if you focus on building her character. 

Hence, Jingliu will be in good hands with her attacks and speed buffed and protection with shields. Natasha’s heals also ensure that your team won’t suffer too much in battle as their HP gets used up by Jingliu.


Hopefully, this Honkai Star Rail Jingliu Guide will be enough to guide you on your way to becoming the most powerful Trailblazing team out there. Jingliu herself may be a scary character to encounter and have, but rest assured that she could be the best character you will ever have in the right hands. If you’re interested in more character guides, we have a Blade one right here!


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Sarah Paul

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I dip my toes in all things nerdy. I started writing and never looked back! I'll write about anything under the sun if you give me the chance, but my loyalty currently lies with nerd culture.

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