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Horizon Forbidden West Slaughterspine | How to Beat

Horizon Forbidden West Slaughterspine How to Beat

Aloy’s journey in Horizon Forbidden West is full of dangers. Even though you have some chilling moments with other characters, be aware that you’ll face some strong enemies along the way! The challenges just get more intense further in the adventure. During Chapter 14, after going through some challenging battles and start exploring new areas, you must face the Slaughterspine! This might be the hardest boss so far, so be prepared to put your skills to use.

How to Beat the Slaughterspine in Horizon Forbidden West

How to beat the Slaughterspine boss in Horizon Forbidden West

To easily beat a Slaughterspine, you should shoot the purple component in each leg that starts glowing from time to time. It will stop the boss from getting into his plasma attack, which can deal a lot of damage. Besides that, you should also inflict any Frost and Purgewater damage that you can.

The Slaughterspine might be the most difficult boss you have fought so far. This Level 45 giant T-Rex-like machine does a lot of damage and has a great number of different attacks. You have to face it as part of the Gemini quest. Since the game makes you go through some smaller battles before this one, be sure to replenish your stock before heading into battle. Even sidetracking to find materials will be worthwhile.

At the same time, the Slaughterspine is weak against Frost and Purgewater damage. So be sure to have plenty of those weapons on hand. As mentioned, you must pay attention to two purple components that start glowing in each leg of the boss. They indicate that the boss is charging in a sort of plasma mode.

To prevent it, shoot once at each component and you will be good to go. Moreover, you can focus on other weak spots after deactivating the charging. An important one is the tip of its tail since it is from where the boss uses a laser attack that covers a great portion of the arena. You can also aim for the weak spot on both sides of the Slaughterspine or on its belly.

The Slaughterspine boss will attack using a combination of mid to low-range attacks. Only its tail-laser ability is long-range, but it is easy to avoid it if you are far from the boss. You can also avoid his roar, which incapacitates you for a second if you are far enough away.

The Slaughterspine will inevitably try to close the gap between the two of you by trying to step on you. Take advantage to change locations during this time. However, do not stay close to it for too long, because it will hit you with its tail.

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Written by Andrew Smith