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Horizon Forbidden West Slicing Shredder Gauntlet | How to Get

You have already seen Aloy fighting with her traditional bow, and although it is a great weapon, it is not the only one she has access to in Horizon Forbidden West. Having a great variety of weapons at your disposal will give you the upper hand. But, different from other pieces of gear, like the Igniter or the Pullcaster, you have to buy most of your weapons. Talk to vendors and you might find a good deal. One of them is the Slicing Shredder Gauntlet, a rare weapon you can get at the beginning of your journey.

How to Get the Slicing Shredder Gauntlet in Horizon Forbidden West

How to get the Slicing Shredder Gauntlet in Horizon Forbidden West

You can get the Slicing Shredder Gauntlet during the quest “Death’s Door.” This is a rare weapon sold by a hunter vendor you will find while tracking Hades. It costs 467 Shards and one Leaplasher Circulator.

Aloy has access to different types of ranged weapons. Besides her traditional bows, there are disc-throwers that can be very effective in some situations. However, to find new weapons you need to talk with vendors. Whenever you find yourself in a new region, check what vendors have to offer. Your first contact with the Slicing Shredder Gauntlet is during the main story when you are looking for Hades.

The idea behind this weapon is to slice enemies with discs. Since you can shoot it faster than your regular bow, the Slicing Shredder Gauntlet is a great option for battle. Not only that but one of the first skills you get from ranged weapons is for it. The skill lets you shoot three circular blades covering a wider area. It works great to deal with a small group of machines or rebels. So, in order to be effective with this weapon, you must know the best moment for each type of blade.

The Slicing Shredder Gauntlet has two kinds of ammunition: Tear Shredders and Shredders. Both deal the impact type of damage, but one is more effective than the other depending on the situation. The Tear Shredders deal less damage, but it adds a lot to the buildup bar. This represents that elemental damage has left a lasting effect on the target.

On the other hand, the Shredders have more damage but are less effective on stacking the buildup bar. Your focus when using this weapon is to get the blades when they come back to you. After three times, you will deal a lot more damage.

Written by Andrew Smith