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How to Add People on Modern Warfare 

How to add people on Modern Warfare 

Over the past week, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare launched, and has been met with critical praise and acclaim. It certainly takes a different direction, compared to all the other releases in the lauded series. Along with fundamental changes in the gameplay and overall experience, Modern Warfare also allows you to play with friends on different platforms. If you’re wondering how to add people on Modern Warfare, then our guide is the place for you.

How to Add Friends on Modern Warfare

How to add people on Modern Warfare


Crossplay is a feature that gamers have been requesting for years. Whatever the logistics are behind implementing it, it’s been neglected by most developers. In Modern Warfare, crossplay is included in a seamless fashion. This will allow you to add people to your friends list so that creeds and consoles can finally play together. 

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To add people in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, navigate to the social menu where you can view your current Activision/BattleNet friends or add new ones.

Since friends into multiplayer matches isn’t very apparent , especially on the PC version of the game, we’ve decided to elaborate a little bit. To add friends from other platforms, load up the game and navigate over to the multiplayer menu. Once there, scroll or mouse over to the top right corner of the screen. Select the social menu by clicking on the party HUD, located directly under the experience and level indicator. 

Once the social menu is pulled up, all current friends through Activision and/or BattleNet can be invited. To add new friends, simply select the “Add Friends” option towards the top left part of the screen. Insert their Activision ID, which they can locate above their aforementioned experience and level indicator. Up to 20 friends can be invited to a party, so add anyone and everyone!

With that, borders between multiplayer servers are a thing of the past. Hopefully a release as major as Modern Warfare including crossplay prompts future developers to do the same. Now that you know how to add people in Modern Warfare, get out there and add some friends.

Written by Andrew Smith