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How to Meditate in Spiritfarer

Spiritfarer How to Meditate

Spiritfarer is a newly released game on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It’s a comfy game where you, as the titular Spiritfarer, bring spirits to the next step of their journey to the afterlife. The game features a meditation mechanic that is important for progressing the character arc for the elderly snake spirit Summer. However, learning how to meditate is actually relatively tricky, and meditating afterward is another hurdle as well. Thankfully, it’s not nearly as hard as it looks.

Spiritfarer | How to Meditate

In order to meditate in Spiritfarer, you will first need to learn the mechanic from Summer. Once taught, you can press and hold the interact button while near groups of trees and a time-skip sequence will occur. This can be good if you want to quickly progress time, though the game doesn’t have too many sequences based on specific days. Other than for Summer’s quest, you might be better off singing to your crops or performing another task on your ferry instead.

Summer, the flower-child snake, teaches Stella how to meditate as part of her quest to move on to the afterlife. She and Stella meditate near a stone on top of a cliff. After she does so, she unlocks the ability for Stella to meditate when near specific trees – don’t worry about trying to find the same rock that Summer meditated at.

Summer also asks for a Meditation room. This room helps spirits clear their minds before moving on, and thus serves only as character progression, and mostly for Summer. You should keep the room around, just in case another spirit needs help, but this might be the first room you replace (if you need to) after Summer’s quest gets past it!

As a mechanic, meditating might not be super important, but you’ll still want to know how to meditate to help pass the time. For example, it can quickly get you to night time, so you can find more quests and advance days faster. However, this mechanic is all about how the spirits in the game interact with Stella and leave their impact on her. You may be bringing Summer to the afterlife, but you can always remember how to sit down, calm yourself, and think about things for a while.

Written by Andrew Smith