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How to Raid in Crusader Kings 3 | Get Huge Profits

Crusader Kings 3 How to Raid

Paradox Interactive’s Crusader Kings 3 is a game all about politics and battle. Of course, war comes quite naturally for new kings and queens, therefore, you need to learn how to raid kingdoms — especially if you want to get huge profits. Raiding in Crusader Kings 3 is a great way to get resources early on because if you have better military than someone else, you get so much! However, Paradox’s games have massive menus, so we’ll tell you where to look.

Crusader Kings 3 | How to Raid

Raiding is a multi-step process in Crusader Kings 3. Firstly, you must raise a “raid army” at a rally point you choose. Then, you must order the army to enter the neighboring neutral province.

Raising a raid army is fairly simple. To do this, go to your military tab, select the rally point, and gather the raid army. Local raiders are your main source of soldiers; you can send your entire army by selecting “Raise All as Raiders.”

With your malicious army prepared, simply send them where you want to fight. This will take a while as raiders have a long waiting time (especially if you’re going to sea, like the Norse). While the raid is happening, you can check it’s progress whenever you’d like. That includes loot, renown, and any other goods.

Raiding in Crusader Kings 3 is slow, but profitable. If you think it’s going too slow, then you can get more efficient raiding abilities in your traits. Martial, for example, helps you get your units out faster. Investing in tech, like longships, will help you disembark faster (especially for Norse continents!).

Finally, be careful to ensure the province you’re attacking is a good target! With an alright army, it’s not hard for a nation to defend itself. Stay safe, raiders, and don’t forget that you can get the game for free on PC Game Pass if you’re a subscriber.

Written by Andrew Smith