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How to Refill Watering Can in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley How to Refill Watering Can

Farming is essential in Stardew Valley, there’s no doubt about that. You basically look after your grandfather’s land and have to start making a living for yourself. And when it comes to farming crops and goods, you’ll need to have some water on you. With your trustworthy Watering Can, you can get the job done with ease. But how do you refill Watering Cans after they run dry?

Stardew Valley How to Refill Watering Can

As with many serene moments in the Valley, this process is simple. Your tools are the primary implements that you’ll use on a daily basis, and they all play a vital role in your position as an adventurous farmer in the Valley. In truth, tending to our crops requires most of them, though the Watering Can is the least utilized when compared to the others. Still, it’s important to keep in mind that you’ll need to frequently refill your Watering Cans to upkeep healthy crops throughout the four seasons of Stardew Valley.

How to Refill Watering Cans

To refill your Watering Can, head to the nearest body of water in Stardew Valley with the tool in your backpack. Then, with your tool equipped, interact with the water as you normally would with other interactions in the game. It should only take a second to fill your Can back up with water. This can be performed at any body of water, so it helps to go to the closest one to you if you’re in the middle of work.

How to Upgrade Watering Cans

The Watering Can is one of your starting tools to utilize when you begin your adventure in the Valley. It may seem basic at first, but you can actually upgrade it to stretch out its limits. Make a visit to Clint the Blacksmith in Pelican Town. He’ll be able to talk with you about upgrading your tools, but you can focus on the Watering Can if that’s your priority here.

Stardew Valley How to Upgrade Tools

Your starter Watering Can is capable of holding 40 units of water. If you upgrade to a Copper one for 2,000g and 5 Copper Bars, you’ll be able to carry 55 units of water while also watering three farm tiles in a row. A Steel Watering Can holds 70 units and water five tiles in a row, all for 5,000g and 5 Iron Bars. The Gold upgrade will carry 85 units, and is powerful enough to water 3×3 tiles that are in front of you; this will cost you 10,000g and 5 Gold Bars. Lastly, the Iridium one strangely holds up to 100 units while watering 6×3 tiles, which will cost you 25,000g and 5 Iridium Bars.

Expert Tip

Be sure to tune into the weather report on a daily basis to stay up-to-date on any forthcoming changes in the air. When it rains in Stardew Valley, your crops will be taken care of, which gives you extra time for yourself to tend to other tasks and quests. Thus, you can skip a visit to a body of water with the intention of refilling Watering Cans for your crops back at home.

Of course, it will take Clint two days to upgrade your Watering Can. This essentially means that you’ll be without the watering equipment for the time being, though you can build something else while you wait for the Blacksmith to finish the job. Visit Robin at her Carpenter’s Shop north of Pelican Town, where she can construct new farm buildings for your land. Select the Well building, which requires 75 Stones and 1,000g to make.

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It will also take two days for Robin to complete the project, but the structure is a worthwhile investment if you need a nearby source of water. The Well basically provides a convenient space for you to refill Watering Cans without resorting to a distant body of water. Additionally, an upgraded Farmhouse will warrant a kitchen sink that you can use for the same process. It truly all depends on how you navigate through your days in Stardew Valley.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I lose my Watering Can?

Should you so happen to lose any of your tools, you can expect them to be returned to you the next day in the mail. You can also check your refrigerator if you’ve managed to upgrade your Farmhouse, though you can visit Mayor Lewis‘s place to check the Lost & Found box. There’s a chance that the item was mistakenly misplaced at some point during a quest.

What is the most efficient way to water your crops?

Instead of relying on individual pours from a Watering Can, consider investing in some Sprinklers that you can place on your farm. These items are responsible for automatically watering your crops every day, giving you the freedom to skip the morning task of patiently using your Watering Can. For this, you’ll need to continuously advance your Farming levels from 2 to 6 and then to 9 for all Sprinkler types.

What happens if you don’t water the bowl for your pet?

Your pet will not die from dehydration due to your negligence with their water bowl. Instead, they won’t be as happy, and they’ll merely hang around the farm until there’s water for them to drink. It helps with advancing their Friendship points, most importantly, so be sure to take care of your pet every morning while you work on your next quest.

Does my spouse water any crops in Stardew Valley?

As part of your marriage to one of the select villagers in Pelican Town, they’ll participate in helping around the house with their own responsibilities. This not only includes watering crops during the warm seasons but also feeding animals, repairing broken fences, providing gifts, and refilling the pet’s bowl. Refilling Watering Cans specifically is not on their agenda.

Written by Andrew Smith