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How to Win Races in Fall Guys

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a roulette wheel of mini-games that all require various playstyles. However, one of the most common game-types are races. The goal isn’t to win, but simply to stay ahead to avoid elimination. Since most tracks are straightway obstacle courses and here are some things to keep in mind for how to win races.

How to Win Races in Fall Guys

how to win races

Keep Your Distance!

Since this game uses ragdoll physics, it’s very easy to get tripped up by other players. Most racetracks have plenty of space to work with, so it’s not hard to avoid crowds — unless you get caught up in the crowd by accident. During these challenges, it’s important to ignore what others are doing and remain focused on what you’re doing. Also, with more open space, there are more ways to approach obstacles.

Go With the Hazards!

A majority of races are obstacle courses, which vary based on the game’s name (for instance, The Whirligig contains a lot of windmills and spinning discs). Ground-level hazards will either have to be evaded or jumped over. You should always try to move WITH hazard movements so that at worst, you get knocked forward rather than back. In contrast, you should go against floor hazards that can be jumped to guarantee a safe landing and will help you win races.

Look Before You Leap!

Most if not all of the tracks will require lots of jumping. Whether it’s jumping hazards or large gaps, odds are you’ll find yourself jumping over something. Unfortunately, the mechanic is loose at best, so try to jump as late as you can to ensure you get over large gaps or obstacles. If you doubt the jump range, dive instead for extra distance and a burst of speed though make sure the landing area is clear.

Mind the Steps!

Sometimes you get so caught up in trying to figure out how to win races that you forget to notice the little things, like steps. Several of the tracks make use of sudden drops ranging from high to low, but both will knock you down and kill your momentum. You’re most likely to miss these when you’re close to other players so remember to get some distance and be wary of the track.

This is how to win races, so go forth and win! If you’re looking for more Fall Guys, be sure to check out some of our other guides listed below.

Written by Andrew Smith