Hyper Scape Beginner’s Guide | How to Survive

Hyper Scape Beginner's Guide - How to Survive

Season One of Hyper Scape is already underway, and the competition is fierce. Most new players are checking out Ubisoft’s battle royale for its fast pace and intensity. However, the size of the map is deceptively small, with players being visible even from great distances. That means surviving can be difficult for beginners. Fortunately, there is hope for those who would rather rely on stealth than firepower. This beginner’s guide will give you all the crucial tips you need to survive.

Hyper Scape Beginner’s Guide | Tips to Survive

Hyper Scape Beginner's Guide Survival Tips

Remain Vigilant

Constant awareness of your surroundings is arguably the most important part to success in Crown Rush. You should be doing a full 360-degree visual sweep every few seconds, looking both high and low. Listening is also incredibly important, and the most important sound aside from gunfire is glass breaking. Windows need to be broken in order to enter and loot buildings, but it’s very noisy. If you’re in a building and you hear a window get smashed, arm yourself and assume that the breaker is close by — if not in the same building as you.

Move Quickly and Quietly

Unless you’re looking for trouble, you should focus on avoiding attention. While sprinting, you will produce bright red trails from your feet which are very noticeable against the grayness of the buildings. Try to limit sprinting to escaping attackers or parts of the map that are being removed. While sprinting, you should have your melee weapon equipped to increase your speed. Additionally, footsteps are clearly audible especially inside buildings, so you should change to a crouch-walk if you hear someone walking nearby.

Carry Escape Tools

While Hacks are abilities that can give you an edge in combat, they can also be used to help you retreat and regroup. You should try to carry at least one defensive Hack for emergency situations. Both the Shield Hack and Cloak Hack are good choices, as the former negates damage and the latter makes you invisible. Fuse them whenever you get the opportunity to reduce cool down and increase duration.

These crucial Hyper Scape beginner’s tips should be everything you need to make it to the end of Crown Rush.

Written by Andrew Smith