Invisible Inc. Sneaks on to the Nintendo Switch

Invisible Inc. Nintendo Switch

Last night on Twitter, Klei announced that Invisible, Inc. is now available on Nintendo Switch. With a shadow drop fitting of any stealth game, the Switch version includes the original game as well as the contingency DLC all in one for $19.99/£17.99. Klei also mentioned on Twitter that the user interfaces and font sizes have been resized for Switch to make sure everything is readable in handheld mode.

Klei Entertainment released Invisible, Inc. back in 2015, a turn-based stealth espionage game that gained positive reactions and passion from players at release In the game, you will be traveling the globe undertaking various missions to retrieve information, equipment, or personnel over the course of three in-game days to get your team ready for the finale mission.

You play the game from the perspective of a handler, controlling two agents as you and the enemies take turns moving around the map, evading, attacking and hacking your way to victory. Throughout the game, if an agent dies during a mission they remain dead for the rest of the run-through — meaning failure has consequences to the way you play the rest of the game. There is a large roster of agents, items, and augments to choose from, along with five game modes with procedurally generated maps and missions.

This may not be huge news in terms of this year’s gaming announcements so far, but for the passionate fans of the series, this is certainly big news. Further, if you own a Nintendo Switch and are looking for a great turn-based game with style and tight mechanics, then this is a very welcome addition.

Games like Invisible Inc. are exactly what has made the Switch such a hit since its launch, bringing lesser-known and slightly older games that many people missed back into the spotlight via a portable and accessible platform.

Klei has already shown it is keen to embrace the portable gaming systems with Don’t Starve and Mark of the Ninja: Remastered already available on the Switch. Now with Invisible, Inc. on the Switch, it has a strong trio of games ready to be played anywhere.

Written by Andrew Smith