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Is Genshin Impact Coming To Steam?

Genshin Impact Steam

Genshin Impact released recently for PC, mobile devices, and PlayStation 4. It’s a free-to-play RPG with a lot of hype around it. It combines elements of a gatcha game with a large open world. Cool, right? Well, certainly! However, it’s not super clear where you can get it. For example, does Steam have Genshin Impact?

Is Genshin Impact on Steam?

As of right now, Genshin Impact is not on Steam. The developers, MiYoHo, were rather insistent on using the program’s own launcher on release. Understandably, they kept to their guns: Genshin Impact is most easily downloaded through the official website.

Simply wait for the intro to load, press the little gem in the middle, then select your computer type (Windows or Mac). Simple!

And of course, it’s possible that this won’t last. It wouldn’t be the first time that a developer released their own launcher only to fold in on Steam. For example, the MOBA SMITE released on HiRez’s launcher… only to come to Steam a few months later! It’s likely that MiYoHo will probably port their launcher over there on a store page (though you’ll still have to download their launcher in the end!)

That being said, don’t wait on this if you really want to try the game out! You will probably have to download the game’s launcher anyways, and it’d be better to make an account now and get started on your journey. Waiting for Steam won’t do much more than make a cool store page.

Alternatively, if you want to show up as playing the game on Steam, you can right now! Simply download the launcher,  click “games,” choose “Add a Non-Steam Game to My Library,” and then choose the launcher. Then, you can launch the game through steam. Not quite the same as having the store (and you’ll still have to buy stuff through MiHoYo’s website, like wishes), but it’s a close second.

Written by Andrew Smith