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Is Madden 22 On Xbox Game Pass?

Madden 22 On Xbox Game Pass

It is natural for players to wonder if they can play Madden 22 on Xbox Game Pass. When it comes to the NFL, there’s nothing quite like the annual Madden football game. Now in its 22nd edition, Madden NFL 22 has made some changes to improve your gaming experience and, hopefully, your knowledge of the rules of the game. From improved animations to revamped defensive playbooks, there’s a lot going on in the newest version of this acclaimed franchise. In addition to all the usual refinements and improvements that you expect from an annual sports franchise, this year brings with it plenty of new features that make the game both more realistic and more fun than ever before. However, will it be on Xbox Game Pass?

Is Madden 22 Free on Xbox Game Pass?

Madden 22 On Xbox Game Pass 2

Unfortunately, Madden 22 will not be available on Game Pass on launch. In fact, EA games tend to take quite a while to appear in the Xbox Game Pass catalog. However, there is a free trial available for those who have a Game Pass Membership. To find it, go to your games, hover over Madden 21 and press start. From there, go to the store. There you’ll find an option to play the trial version of the game. Madden NFL 22‘s trial can be played for eight hours, which is quite enough to feel the game and see what is different on a superficial level.

Following EA’s history, we could be seeing Madden 22 on Game Pass in the first half of next year. That is how it happened with NHL 21, which was released in October and was included on EA Play in April of the next year. If they follow the same pattern, we should be able to download Madden 22 from the Game Pass catalog in about seven months.

The Game Pass has plenty of EA Games, but it makes sense that they would wait before adding their newest game to the catalog. Still, Madden 22 has an early access that is available for players who have published the MVP Edition and the Dynasty Edition. For more on Madden, check our guides:

Written by Andrew Smith