Is Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 on Mac?


After a decade of waiting, Microsoft Flight Simulator has a new entry in its series. With the latest edition of Flight Simulator being full of new graphics, airports, and planes, it’s become insanely popular amongst aviation enthusiasts. But, with it being called “Microsoft Flight Simulator,” people have been wondering if Flight Simulator 2020 on Mac was possible, or even if it already happened. Fret not! We have the answer, and unfortunately, it’s what many people expected.

Is Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Available on Mac?

As the writing of this article, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is not available on Mac. You can purchase it for PC on Steam or the Windows Store. Further, it is set to come out for the Xbox One but is not currently available on the console at the time of writing. It will be coming out on the Xbox Series X, but the date for both console releases of Flight Simulator is currently unknown.

Historically, the Flight Simulator series had been exclusively for PC since 2006, with the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator X. The fact that it’s coming to consoles is a good sign, but considering both platforms are owned by Microsoft, it’s unlikely that it’s coming to Mac at all.

So, Mac users that are desperate to play the game may want to wait until the game comes out on the Xbox One (or Xbox Series X) and purchase the console then. Alternatively, Mac users could emulate Windows if they want to live the airborne, modern-flight experience now.

The developers have made no sign of wanting to expand their platforms beyond Microsoft-owned consoles and PC, and Microsoft has made no sign either. That’s likely to keep the popularity of Flight Simulator exclusive to Windows 10 and Xbox to drive sales. Mac users should not keep their fingers crossed for the game to make strides across platforms, especially now that a ten disk physical version is in the works for European audiences. That’s a lot of disks and developers probably aren’t going to change the game too much more at this point.

Written by Andrew Smith