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Is NBA 2K22 Cross-Platform?


If you’re playing on picking up NBA 2K22, the next entry in the wildly popular series, you might be wondering whether or not it’s cross-platform. This determines whether you’ll be able to play with friends who have the game for different consoles. It can range from Xbox players teaming up with PlayStation players to PS4 players joining PS5 lobbies. Luckily, we’ve got everything you need to know about NBA 2K22’s cross-platform capabilities.

Does NBA 2K22 Have Cross-Platform Play?

Does NBA 2K22 Have Cross-Platform Play?

If you were hoping to play across consoles, we’ve got some bad news. 2K Games has confirmed that there is no cross-platform functionality in NBA 2K22.

It’s sure to come as a disappointment to those who use the myPark feature to team up with friends across the globe for a game of basketball. Especially as the new generation of consoles are so hard to get a hold of, it means those with the newer hardware might not be able to play with friends at all. The developers haven’t given a reason as to why cross-platform play isn’t available, either. However, in a landscape where everything from Fortnite to Warzone is cross-compatible, it’s certainly a shame.

Still, a lot of sports games are opting against cross-platform play on the new generation of consoles. EA Sports’ wildly popular FIFA series also lacks this mechanic, likely due to the gameplay differences between previous- and next-gen versions of the game. Having the new hardware could technically give some players an advantage, so the reason could be rooted in balancing and fairness. Equally, some features like The City mode are only available on next-gen versions of NBA 2K22, and as such cannot appear on other platforms.

Despite this, for casual fans it’ll be a shame not to be able to link up with players on other consoles. Cross-platform play is the kind of thing that could crop up in a future patch or game update, but since it isn’t in NBA 2K22 at launch, it probably isn’t worth holding your breath.

Written by Andrew Smith