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Is Outriders Online Only?

online only

The new shooter Outriders is swinging onto Steam and non-Nintendo consoles in April 2021. Speculation about its performance runs rampant throughout the community, so one of the questions remains, is this going to be an online only game, or can you play the single-player campaign solo? Considering that the game touts itself as a 1-3 player game, surely there’s a campaign that you can play alone… Right?

Is Outriders an Online Only Game?

online only

Outriders is an online only game, which means that you need to have a constant internet connection to play. Despite the requirements for an internet connection, the game can be played solo without the need for co-op partners. Despite being online only, this game will not have any of the traps involved with most games with that restriction; there will be no microtransactions or live-game elements like in Destiny.

The reason that you might need to be always online is manifold, but it’s likely to ensure that you can always have access to event timers or change statistics. There is a myriad of reasons why People Can Fly would decide to take such a path. Thankfully, with most of the consoles that Outriders will come out on, you’ll need a constant internet connection anyways.

This online only experience is going to be fairly unique compared to what we’re used to. Instead of taking the path of Destiny or even games like Borderlands 3Outriders will only release content packs during DLC seasons. That means we won’t have to pay for battle passes or micro-transactions throughout a given state of gameplay.

And while developers say the game will not be handled as a live service, we will likely see updates and potentially even balance patches, if such things are necessary. The developers are clearly excited about their game. It’s nice to see such dedication to an audience again!

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Written by Andrew Smith