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Madden 23 Hurdle and Jurdle | What’s the Difference?

Madden 23 Hurdle and Jurdle - What's the Difference?

Madden 23 is the 26th entry in the EA Sports football series. With no signs of stopping, football fans from around the world are coming together once again to live out their sports fantasies on the field. However, if they’re expecting to score a touchdown on game day, they’ve got to know the difference between some moves on the field, or else they’ll risk wasting a valuable down. Both the hurdle and jurdle come to mind on that front. But what’s the difference between these similar-sounding maneuvers? That’s what we’re here to explain.

What’s the Difference Between Hurdle and Jurdle?

What's the Difference Between Hurdle and Jurdle Madden 23

Hurdles and jurdles are terms used for moves regarding the ball carrier while it’s in play. They’re defensive moves that the ball carrier can use to avoid being tackled by the enemy team. Hurdles are effectively just jumps, while jurdles are basically jumps combined with jukes.

A hurdle can be used to avoid defense as they’re coming at you. It’s a sizeable jump that in the right scenarios, can send your carrier through the air. A jurdle combines the vertical power of a jump with the horizontal power of a juke. This makes it very useful in situations where you need to move, but can’t just hurdle over the opposing team.

How to Hurdle in Madden 23

If the ball is in play and you have control of your ball carrier, you can perform hurdle by pressing Y on Xbox, or Triangle on PlayStation. The hurdle doesn’t take any stamina from the player or slow them down on their movement, which makes it a good option when running to the end zone.

How to Jurdle in Madden 23

If you decide that a jurdle might be a better choice, here’s how you do it. Press Y on Xbox, or Triangle on PlayStation. But, you also need to be moving the control stick in the direction you want the ball carrier to go. This is important, as the control stick is the only thing changing your hurdle to a jurdle.

And there you have it, the difference between hurdles and jurdles. While they may sound the same, sometimes a Hurdle is better than a jurdle, and even the other way around.

Written by Andrew Smith