Mafia Definitive Edition Mission List | How Many Chapters are There?

Mafia Definitive Edition Mission List

With the remastered edition of any game comes the age-old question of “What did developers add to the new version?” Of course, Mafia Definitive Edition is no exception to this rule. Die-hard players will have noticed there is a difference in the mission list when compared with the original version, which has no doubt made this question all the more asked by fans and newcomers alike. In this guide will be looking at the Mafia Definitive Edition mission list, as well as its completion time, in order to get a quick look at the scale of the game

How Many Chapters are in Mafia Definitive Edition Mission List?

Mafia Definitive Edition Mission ListLooking at the mission list in Mafia Definitive Edition, there are a total of 20 chapters in the game, which is one less than the original game. While this may be a little worrying at first glance, no actual content has been removed from the game.

Instead, two of the chapters the original game, “The Priest” and “The Whore” have been condensed into a single chapter, ‘’The Saint and the Sinner’’.

Why exactly this has been done is unclear. It could be to allow the narrative to run at a smoother pace, or perhaps to remove the word “whore” from the mission list altogether. Either way, the game’s length is unaffected by this change.

The full mission list in Mafia Definitive Edition with the change is as follows:

  1. An Offer You Can’t Refuse | 1930
  2. Running Man | 1930
  3. Molotov Party | 1930
  4. Ordinary Routine | 1930
  5. Fair Play | 1932
  6. Sarah | 1932
  7. Better Get Used To It | 1932
  8. The Saint and the Sinner | 1932
  9. A Trip to the Country | 1933
  10. Omerta | 1933
  11. Visiting Rich People | 1933
  12. Great Deal | 1933
  13. Bon Appétit | 1935
  14. Happy Birthday | 1935
  15. You Lucky Bastard | 1935
  16. Crème De La Crème | 1935
  17. Election Campaign | 1938
  18. Just for Relaxation | 1938
  19. Moonlighting | 1938
  20. The Death of Art | 1938

For those wondering how long it will take to beat Mafia Definitive Edition, the average completion time seems to be around 12 hours, which puts it at a little shorter than the average of the original game which was 16 hours. This is probably due to the number of players coming back from the original, as replaying a game is always faster than your first run-through after all.

In terms of content, nothing seems to have actually been added to the remake of Mafia. The biggest notable change aside from the mission list update is that the games two post-game modes, “Free Ride” and “Free Ride Extreme,” have been condensed to a single-mode.

The real appeal to this remake is that the graphics and game engine have received a total overhaul, allowing for much prettier aesthetics and smoother gameplay than was possible in 2002.

Written by Andrew Smith