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Metal: Hellsinger | Is There New Game Plus?

Metal: Hellsinger - Is There New Game Plus?

Combining metal music in an FPS arena shooter is a sure way to deliver non-stop head-banging action. And that’s exactly the premise and goal of Metal: Hellsinger. However, due to the game’s relatively brief storyline, which can be finished in three or four hours depending on difficulty, many players do not want the music or action to end that quickly. As a result, many players are wondering if Metal: Hellsinger has new game plus. Can you keep playing after the story has finished?

Does Metal: Hellsinger Have New Game Plus?

Does Metal: Hellsinger Have New Game Plus?

We can gladly say, that Metal: Hellsinger has new game plus. And what makes it even better is Metal:Hellsingers version of new game plus is done better than the vast majority. That is, you don’t even have to complete the entire game for replayability with better loot, just the level.

Metal: Hellsinger has eight primary story levels to accomplish, known as “Hells.” When you complete a level, you will receive a high score and some new loot like weapons, to try out. However, because the game is all about pushing yourself and reaching new high scores, beating a hell unlocks it completely. Meaning that you may go back with your new loot and replay it as many times as you want to improve your score.

In addition, after you’ve defeated a hell, you’ll get three “Torments” for it. These are unique challenges that give you even more weapons and perks when you complete them. Plus, it gives you an incentive to revisit the level and improve your score. Now, with new weapons and perks at your disposal, you may go back and utilize them to set a new high score than the one you obtained with your initial gear.

That means, once you’ve completed Metal: Hellsinger’s eight Hells and 21 Torments, and have unlocked all the in-game loot with it, you can go back to the very start, with much better gear and use it to achieve new high scores for each level in the game. Or with that, you can simply go back after you’ve completed each level to push for a new high score. That’s why Metal: Hellsinger, doe’s new game plus, better than most.

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Written by Andrew Smith