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Minecraft Dungeons | How Many Players Does It Support?

Minecraft Dungeons How Many Players Does It Support? Unique Weapons

Minecraft Dungeons supports multiplayer, but people have been wondering just how many players can dive into the game at once. The new hit in the Minecraft franchise focuses on the dungeon crawling aspects of the original, but the developers have thrown in a ton more RPG elements. If you want to get some friends together to go spelunking and splat some monsters, here is what you need to know.

How Many Players Does Minecraft Dungeons Support?

Minecraft Dungeons How Many Players

Multiplayer in Minecraft Dungeons supports up to four players. Yes, you absolutely can play Minecraft Dungeons on single player. However, you may find the game more rewarding and interesting with some buddies along for the ride. You can play with as many as four players, but they must be either local or online. While the developers have hinted at trying to allow a combination of online and local multiplayer, such a feature has yet to be confirmed.

When playing with others, Minecraft Dungeons will scale up the difficulty and the rewards according to how many people are playing. If you have more players, then you can expect to find more challenging and numerous enemies along with higher-grade loot.

How to play Minecraft Dungeons multiplayer

To start a local game, choose your character and, while at the bonfire menu, simply connect additional controllers. To play online, you will find a big green button on the bottom left of the screen. This will bring up a new menu where you can see which of your friends are online and available to play. You simply select the name you want and you join their world. If you want to make your own and allow others to join, you must first complete the tutorial. While in the camp, you can send invites to specific friends in much the same way as you would if joining a game.

Note that random players cannot join your game. You must be friends with them before you can invite them to play. Further, Minecraft Dungeons does support Xbox Play Anywhere, so you can play the game on different devices.

The developers at Mojang have also stated that they intend to include cross-platform play in a free, future update. While saves and game progress will not transfer across platforms, it won’t matter if you play on a Switch and your best friend uses a PS4. You can still dive in together!

If you do not know anyone who has the game or just can’t find a partner in crime, then there is also an official Discord channel. If you are interested in joining the Minecraft Dungeons community, then you can follow this link to the Discord. Their Twitter feed can be found with this link instead.

Written by Andrew Smith