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Minecraft Dungeons | How to Drop Arrows

In the hit hack-and-slash RPG Minecraft Dungeons, you are going to gain a lot of loot. Due to this fact, some players will eventually wonder how to drop arrows. In this guide, we will answer this very question as well as explain some other features related to this topic.

How to Drop Arrows in Minecraft Dungeons

If you’re wondering how to drop arrows in Minecraft Dungeons, you’re out of luck: It’s not possible. That’s because the game does not currently allow players to drop any items whatsoever. This lack of an item dropping mechanic was explored more thoroughly in our guide detailing how to drop items in Minecraft Dungeons. On top of being unable to drop items, the game doesn’t feature any sort of trading function between players. 

What this means is that once you pick up any loot in the game, you are stuck with it — at least for the time being. However, it may be possible to swap out inventory items sometime in the future; a simple item drop function is a much-requested feature among current players. In addition, Mojang has made plans clear to consistently release free updates to improve the game over time. 

Since the developers are intent on evolving the game, a drop feature and/or a trading system between players could added later in a future update. Sadly, all we can do for now is wait until a feature for dropping items is added into the game. Until then, it may be best to monitor your inventory carefully.

If you haven’t checked out Minecraft Dungeons yet, it’s now available for download on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. Despite launching recently, it’s been well-received overall — despite some prominent issues such as the ones discussed in this guide, anyway. Minecraft Dungeons notably features four-player coop and gameplay similar to that of games such as Diablo.

Written by Andrew Smith