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Minecraft Dungeons | How to Get a Diamond Sword

Minecraft Dungeons Diamond Sword

Minecraft has always allowed its players to incorporate a wide range of tools and weapons into their playstyles, and since the game’s conception, there has been no bigger flex than the Diamond Sword. In the core title, the weapon could be crafted through the use of three diamonds, a rare mineral that wasn’t easy to come by, and a stick. However, the process of getting a coveted weapon in Minecraft Dungeons is a bit different than the original game. In this guide, we’ll explain how to obtain the powerful Minecraft Dungeons Diamond Sword.

How to Get a Diamond Sword in Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons Diamond Sword

Like every other weapon in Minecraft Dungeons, the Diamond Sword is a lootable object. Specifically, there are three ways that players can acquire the weapon:

  1. Helping the villages in Creeper Woods
  2. Exploring the area to the northeast of your base camp in Creeper Woods
  3. Reaching Level 4

The Creeper Woods locale can be accessed after completing the preceding area, Squad Coast. While in the Creeper Woods, the player will be tasked with saving villagers from hostile mobs and will have a chance to acquire the coveted weapon as a random drop while doing so.

To help trigger the Diamond Sword drop, players must successfully free all five villagers that are in danger throughout the level. Successfully saving these villagers will trigger the ‘Find the Exit’ mission. Beginning this new mission will open another gate, allowing the player more space to explore and after crossing beyond the gate, players should encounter a group of hostile mobs. After defeating the horde of enemies, one of the defeated mobs will potentially drop the desired weapon.

The second chance to acquire a Minecraft Dungeons Diamond Sword comes after you’ve beaten Creeper Woods. After you’ve cleared the area, travel back to base camp and head northeast until you reach a swarm of spiders. After killing a sufficient amount of eight-legged monstrosities, the game will spawn a pig with a chest on its back. Kill the pig to have another shot at getting a Diamond Sword drop.

Lastly, the Diamond Sword is also capable of spawning randomly after reaching Level 4. So if you weren’t lucky enough to get a drop from the two methods above, there is still hope. Although we aren’t sure what the drop rate is for this.

The Diamond Sword was the strongest weapon in the core game and remains a very strong weapon in Minecraft Dungeons. It comes with a base damage of 14-22 and is already equipped with the sharpness enchantment that further boosts its damage. Like every other item in the game, it can’t be traded between players, so each sword has to be earned individually.

Mojang has another two DLCs currently slated for release that will introduce more challenges for players to overcome, and the Diamond Sword will definitely help players battle whatever new mobs and bosses that might be introduced.

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Written by Andrew Smith