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Minecraft Dungeons | Where to Find Spider Armor

Minecraft Dungeons Spider Armor

Minecraft Dungeons introduces a wide selection of new tools, weapons, and armors for intrepid heroes to wield in their dungeon-crawling adventures. One specific piece of equipment players may find themselves searching for is the Spider Armor. Proper equipment is critical to surviving some of the harder challenges players will come across, and many of these lootable items come with unique boons that are bestowed upon their user. In this guide, we will show players how to find the Spider Armor in Minecraft Dungeons.

Where to Find Spider Armor in Minecraft Dungeons

For players hoping to cloak themselves in the creepy arachnid robe, they will unfortunately be required to rely on pure luck. To find the Spider Armor in Minecraft Dungeons, players will have to rely on happenchance as it has no set spawn, and will drop randomly from mobs and chests. Although, players with a higher level have a better chance of unlocking rare spawns, and so the higher a player’s level, the greater the chances you have of encountering the Spider Armor.

The armor is classified as a Thief armor type, meaning that it should appeal to players hoping to boost their attack speed and dish out high damage in close intervals. Further, Thief type armor is complemented by defensive artifacts, as this type of armor is frequently low in defense. The Spider Armor compliments this playstyle well by increasing the player’s attack speed by 25% while granting them a 3% life steal aura. This means that players can recover some health of their own while beating up baddies.

Players cannot currently trade items between themselves and won’t be able to rely on a friend to supply the armor for them. Though the Spider Armor has to be chanced upon, there are some drops — such as the Iron Golem artifact — that the player can trigger under certain conditions.

Mojang currently has at least two DLCs planned for Minecraft Dungeons and has announced that the first set of DLC will be released in July. So, players can likely expect to find more armor and weapon sets added in these expansions

Written by Andrew Smith