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Minecraft Dungeons | How to Get the Iron Golem Artifact

Minecraft Dungeons Iron Golem Artifact

Iron Golems have always protected the denizens of Minecraft from the monsters that lurk in the wild, and their loyalty doesn’t falter in the series’ most recent entry. Despite their unwavering sense of loyalty, obtaining the partnership of the iron machinations in Minecraft Dungeons functions a bit differently than it did in the core title. In this guide, we will show you how to get the Iron Golem Artifact in Minecraft Dungeons to summon powerful allies.

How to Get the Minecraft Dungeons Iron Golem Artifact

Minecraft Dungeons Iron Golem Artifact

To get the Iron Golem Artifact in Minecraft Dungeons, players will need to complete the game on the ‘Apocalypse’ mode. If you’re not aware, Iron Golems are summoned through the use of the Golem Kit artifact, which isn’t easy to produce.

As a first step, players are required to beat the game not once, but twice to unlock the aforementioned difficulty. The Apocalypse setting throws tougher, beefier enemies at the player but also sees better rewards and unlocks the opportunity for new gear and artifacts — among these new rewards is the Golem Kit artifact.

After succeeding in unlocking the ‘Apocalypse’ difficulty, players will need to reach Level 40, and secure a Gear Power rating of at least 70. From there, the player will need to work their way to the Pumpkin Pasture area before being able to secure their Golem Kit artifact.

Once the artifact has been obtained in the Pumpkin Pasture, the player simply needs to equip the Iron Golem artifact to their character to unlock the ability to summon their powerful new ally.

Iron Golems aren’t the sole summonable creature in Minecraft Dungeons – the game also offers players access to bats, wolves, and even chickens. Players can equip up to three artifacts at once, meaning that a player can have more than one summonable creature active at a time.

Though difficult to unlock, the Iron Golem is considered one of the better summonable creatures in Minecraft Dungeons. It deals heavy damage and is capable of tanking attacks for the player too. For players that were hoping to help their lower-leveled friends by supplying them with boons like the Iron Golem artifact, Minecraft Dungeons unfortunately doesn’t allow trading between players at the moment — though that’s subject to change in the future.

It’s also worth noting that there are two upcoming DLCs planned for Minecraft Dungeons. So even if you don’t have a huge need to summon your ally this time around, it’ll be nice to have them available in the DLC.

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Written by Andrew Smith