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Minecraft Firework Rockets | How to Make

Minecraft Firework Rockets - How to Make

Minecraft, a game that’s been on the top of the independent charts practically since release. Through the years, Mojang’s sandbox title has grown and grown, introducing all manner of new items. Among them is the Firework Rocket, a surprisingly versatile item purpose-built for experimentation. But if you want to start sending your creations skyward, you’ll first need to know how to make Rockets.

How to Make Rockets in Minecraft

How to Make Rockets in Minecraft

It’s easy to make a Firework Rocket in Minecraft. First, you’re going to want to gather together the two required ingredients, Gunpowder and Paper. Then, open up the crafting table and place between one and three Gunpowders on the left, and a single piece of Paper in top center. This is how to make a basic Rocket.

Just as a refresher, you’ll find Gunpowder from killing the annoying enemies known as Creepers. As for paper, you can make that by cutting down sugarcane and placing them in the crafting table in a one-by-three row.

At this point, you’ll likely notice that your Firework Rocket is labeled as having a flight duration of one. That’s because there’s more than one way to make a Rocket. Adding a second gunpowder will make a Firework Rocket with a flight duration of two, and adding a third will make a flight duration of three. Why are there different flight durations for the Rockets? Wel,l for those who like creativity, this is for making fireworks that explode at different heights. But for those who want to use them outside of creative, they have another use.

After obtaining an Elytra from an End Ship in the End Dimension, Firework Rockets can be used as a propellant to help the player increase their vertical height. This makes the Elytra a worthy item for flying with the fireworks rocket equipped. It’s recommended that you craft flight duration 3 fireworks rockets, so that you can fly into the sky, and gain some more distance that the lesser rockets can’t provide.

Written by Andrew Smith