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Minecraft Frog Light | How to Get

Minecraft Frog Light Guide

The frogs in Minecraft are some of the tiniest yet most useful creatures that you’ll find in your worlds. With the new The Wild Update introducing new features, the arrival of the Frog Light only adds more to the game’s immersion and engagement. And any player can get one of these frog lights, too. You’ll only need a couple of things in order to obtain them, and we’ll show you how with the guide below.

How to Get a Frog Light in Minecraft

Minecraft How to Get Frog Light

To get a Frog Light, players must lure any frog to a small magma cube so the creature could interact with it. The Frog will eat up the cube and produce a Frog Light block. There are three variants to the Frog Light to keep in mind: The Pearlescent block comes from the tropical frogs, a Verdant cube will come from snowy frogs, and the Ochre Froglight can be obtained from the native swamp frogs.

You won’t have to wait long for the little guys to create the Frog Lights. As soon as the frogs see a nearby magma cube, they will not hesitate to whip out that quick tongue for a quick meal. Consider the fiery, jumpy blocks extinguished; frogs are instantaneous in dealing with the magma cubes, so you’ll get those lights in no time.

These Frog Lights generate incredible light that can easily replace some of your other bright blocks. The Froglight emits a light level of 15, which is now the highest in the game thus far. This can easily come out to having the power to shine bright on 20 or so blocks within the Frog Lights’ vicinity. To see how much light you can get out of these new blocks, try testing them during the nighttime. They might give you some new construction plans for the next project. Plus, the Frogs will be attracted to the light – a sight for the pleasant moments after consuming Magma Cubes.

The Frog Lights are just one of many new features that the developers are introducing in The Wild Update. It’s time to experiment and see what’s out there; just remember to bring some Frogs along for the adventure.

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Written by Andrew Smith