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Minecraft Tuff | What Is It?

Minecraft Tuff

Minecraft’s constant updates have provided players with both new ways to explore, as well as new materials in the world. With the Caves and Cliffs update, Y Level 0 isn’t the bottom of the world anymore, allowing for players to travel farther into larger caves. One of the new blocks found in the depths of the world is Tuff, but what is it?

What Is Tuff in Minecraft?

Minecraft Tuff

So, what exactly is Tuff in Minecraft? Tuff is a new block found in the depths of the pixelated world, normally below Y Level 16. In real life, it’s found by compressing Volcanic Ash, which is then turned into an Igneous Rock.

However, in Minecraft, Tuff is found underground explicitly in the overworld. It isn’t anything special and its purpose is to bring in more life and diversity to underground blocks. It has the same purpose as blocks like Dorite, Granite, Andesite, and Deepslate. It’s a new rock you can encounter, and sometimes it will be a part of iron ore veins, or it will spawn in blobs under the ground. Tuff doesn’t start to appear until after you’ve passed Y Level 16 in a cave, so finding it is pretty easy if you know where you’re looking.

If ores are generated in Tuff blobs, they’ll instead be rendered as their Deepslate version. So don’t expect a special texture for Iron inside of Tuff. The new block will stop generating once players have passed Y Level 0. So, if you’re searching for this volcanic rock for your build, you’ll be better off staying between Y Level 16 and zero for maximum luck looking for it.

There is a chance that it will spawn below Y Level 0, but only if an iron vein is found in the Deepslate. Even if you do find the block, you won’t be walking away with a stack of it.

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Written by Andrew Smith