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Minecraft | What Is Adventure Mode?

Minecraft - What Is Adventure Mode?

Minecraft has plenty of modes. Players can take on the world in survival mode, or build whatever their heart desires in creative. but, there’s another mode that exists in Minecraft. Adventure mode is a somewhat hidden mode that many players don’t understand. So, what is adventure mode? More importantly, what can you do in it?

What Is Adventure Mode in Minecraft?

What Is Adventure Mode in Minecraft?

If you boot up a game in Adventure mode, you might notice that the world of Minecraft doesn’t quite function the way it used to. For example. While the game still has hearts and hunger like Survival mode, you’re now unable to break blocks with your bare hands. Why is that? Well, one of the features of Minecraft’s Adventure mode is that players cannot break blocks in the game world without a tool that has the “CanDestory” NBT. Most blocks won’t allow placing without the “CanPlace” NBT tag.

The question remains, what is this mode good for if you can’t play the game in it? Well, the truth of the matter is that the mode is focused solely on adventure map makers. Players will build maps in Creative, and then switch over to adventure mode when they’re done. Only allowing players to use specific tools and place blocks. This prevents players from attempting to break the map by destroying blocks. This is most commonly used in large servers as well.

If you’ve joined a server in Minecraft, and noticed in the hub area you couldn’t break any blocks. That’s because you’re not playing in survival, you’re playing in adventure.

Despite having over 180 million monthly players in 2023, the majority of the main player base of Minecraft does not use it, Adventure has provided a way for creative map makers to build their own stories in-game. Whether that’s a large puzzle map, or making a server for the public to enjoy. The truth of the matter is that Adventure is a pillar of the Minecraft community.

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Written by Andrew Smith