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Modern Warfare DMR | What is a DMR?

Modern Warfare DMR

The Call of Duty series is known for its wide availability of iconic weapons, from pistols and shotguns to SMGs and assault rifles. Consequently, proficiency and mastery of these weapons is something of a point of pride. The best way to show that off? Through achievements based on gun stats. However, some confusing terminology has come up surrounding the Modern Warfare DMR classification. Here, we dig into what guns can yield which achievements, and what the true DMRs are in Modern Warfare

What is a Modern Warfare DMR?

Modern Warfare DMR

There have been many DMRs in previous CoD games; there have even been guns named DMR, verbatim, in older titles. However, the Modern Warfare DMR is a bit less obvious this time around. Short for Designated Marksman Rifle, the DMR is a label thrown around all over the place in CoD. As a result, some achievements and such take much longer to earn than intended. 

For achievement’s sake, many players have debated whether or not guns like the FAL count as a DMR. After much time spent with both, the consensus is not in favor of the FAL, as well as many others. Just about every player that tried to use it for DMR challenges reported getting nowhere. 

To complete this challenge, instead of using guns that are remotely DMR like, use the ones labeled as Marksman Rifles. It’s an odd choice of words on the developer’s part, but when the challenge prompts read “DMR,” think “MR.” 

There appear to be only three DMRs in the game. The EBR – 14, the Kar98k, and the MK2 Carbine. All three are decent guns in their own right, with varying recoil, damage, and reload times. They all seem well suited to unique ranged play styles though, giving a fair shot to each player regarding their preferred pseudo-sniper. Hopefully, with this clarification of weapons classes, Modern Warfare players can get back into the action. 

Written by Andrew Smith