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Mortal Shell Character Creation | Can You Make a Character?

Mortal Shell Character Creation

As players get ready to begin their journey in Mortal Shell, some may be wondering if there is a character creation tool in the game that all will allow them to customize a character. After all, this feature has become pretty standard in the gaming industry with more and more games allowing for the freedom of customization. So, can you make a character in Mortal Shell? Let’s find out.

Does Mortal Shell Have Character Creation?

Unfortunately, there is no character creation tool in Mortal Shell, as players are taking control of various shells. However, while you can’t make a character, you can play as one of four different shells, each of which features a different style of play and abilities. So, while you won’t be able to fully customize the protagonist to your liking, you will still have a few options when it comes to choosing a character that you feel comfortable with.

As we mentioned above, there are four different shells that players can choose from in the game — Harros, Tiel, Solomon, and Eredrim. Further, players can unlock the shells as they explore the world and will be able to equip abilities unique to each persona.

If you don’t resonate with any of the shells and want a more challenging playthrough experience, you can play as the Foundling. To do so, you’ll need to head to Fallgrim and interact with the Strange Altar and pick up the Black Skin. This will reject the use of shells and will force you to play through the game with limited health. If this sounds fun but you’re not ready to try it quite yet, you can also play as a Foundling in the New Game Plus mode.

It’s also worth noting that while there could be some DLC released in the future, it seems unlikely that developers will add in a character creation too in the future. As you’ll find out, the whole purpose of the game is to experience the world through someone else’s eyes (or shell), so allowing players to create their own character would kind of defeat that purpose.

Written by Andrew Smith