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Mortal Shell | How to Parry

Mortal Shell Parry

When playing Mortal Shell, you’re required to slice and dice your enemies. However, this can sometimes be challenging with your enemies constantly swinging their blades back at you. There is a way to counter this and do some damage to your enemies though, this is done by parrying. In this guide, we will show you how to become a parry master in Mortal Shell.

How to Parry in Mortal Shell

Mortal Shell How to Parry

First off, you will need to gain Tarnished Seal in order to parry in Mortal Shell, this can be found at the start of the game.  The Tarnished Seal will sit on your characters back. KEEP AN EYE ON IT when fighting, as it will indicate when the time is right to parry. If it should light up red, you should avoid the enemy’s attack by dodging. This isn’t always the case though, as it sometimes doesn’t glow at all.

The best attacks to parry are the ones done by enemies who have telegraphed attacks or take ages to attack. This is because they are slower and easier to time. You should wait for an enemy to pull their sword back just before they’re about to swing for you to parry them. You can parry by using the left bumper on the controller of F on the keyboard. Be warned though, as some attacks can alter in speed and damage.

This is just parry without resolve though. If you were to add others, you can get a special ability that will help your character depending on which you choose. Players can spend one resolve to deal damage to an enemy, heal your character, or deal explosive attacks, amongst others.

The amount of resolve you have can be found at the bottom left of the screen, just above your health. Depending on which character you use, the number of bars you get for resolve can differ. But when a bar refills, your Tarnished Seal will glow white.

Now that you know how to parry in Mortal Shell, you should be ready to take on and face any enemy that comes up against you. While you’re here check out some of our other guides.

Written by Andrew Smith