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Mortal Shell Quenching Acid | Where to Find

Mortal Shell Quenching Acid locations where to find

Quenching Acid is an important and valuable resource in Mortal Shell. It’s used to increase a weapon’s damage, which can make your favorite blades even more powerful. However, it’s always hidden, and vendor stocks are in limited supply. Fortunately, we know where to start looking Here’s a list of where to find each Quenching Acid location in Mortal Shell

Where to Find Quenching Acid in Mortal Shell | Locations

Each area in Mortal Shell has two Quenching Acid for you to find, and up to ten more can be purchased from vendors. If you’re in a rush, the easiest way to get Quenching Acid is to buy some from Vlas in Falgrim Tower for 2,500 Tar each. Alternatively, you can buy them from Sester Genessa in New Game Plus by spending Glimpses.

Each vial can be used to increase a weapon’s damage up to five times, or ten times in New Game Plus. If you’ve already made it to NG+, purchasing is the easier option. However, there are still two Quenching Acid to be found in any given stage. Here’s where to look in each area.


Mortal Shell Quenching Acid Locations - FalgrimThe first Quenching Acid location in Falgrim is close to the Falgrim Tower. Follow the path which leads to the first Grisha cave. Along the way you will find a fallen log on the path. Once you do, search for a nearby chest; it contains the Quenching Acid. It is important to note this chest will not unlock until after the first boss is beaten.

The second one in Falgrim is near the entrance to the Shrine of Ash. Close to the entrance you’ll be able to spot a hole in the wall. Follow the passage in the hole to find the vial hidden at the end.

Shrine of Ash

Mortal Shell Quenching Acid Locations - Shrine of AshYou’ll notice several iron maidens when you enter the Temple Grounds. Search the one in the middle to find the area’s first Quenching Acid.

The second can be found in another iron maiden, this time In the Monument of Ash. Shortly before entering the Sanctum of Flame, you’ll see an iron maiden to your right. Search it to find the second vial.

Crypt of Martyrs

Crypt of MartyrsThe first vial can be found in a chest inside the Abandoned Chamber. Hug the left side as you traverse this area until you encounter a Stalker. Behind the Stalker, above a ramp to the fight against the Enslaved Grisha, is a chest with Quenching Acid inside.

The second is in the Enshrined Sanctum. Crawl through a hole in the wall in the frozen room. From here you’ll find yourself in a chamber filled with ghostly enemies. Defeat them and open the nearby chest to receive another Quenching Acid.

Seat of Infinity

Sea of InfinityIn the Eternal Narthyx, just before the room where you fight the Sublime Sester guarding the torch, search for a chest to the right behind some rocks near the door switch. Open it to find a Quenching Acid inside.

The second vial in this area is much harder to reach. In the Dim Gate there are two teleporters. Take the one on the right and drop down various ramps and platforms to reach the bottom of a large hole. Here you will find another teleporter which will take you to a chest. In this chest is the game’s final Quenching Acid.

Remember to think carefully about how you choose to upgrade your weapons. With the amount in the base game, only two weapons can be fully upgraded. Choosing which weapons to focus resources on, or choosing instead to spread them out, is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in Mortal Shell.

Written by Andrew Smith