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Mortal Shell’s Crypt of Martyrs | How to Leave the Ice Area

The world of Mortal Shell has three distinct dungeons, each with their own overall themes. The Crypt of Martyrs is full of undead content and plenty of ice. It’s possibly one of the more straightforward dungeons, but it’s definitely not somewhere you’d like to linger. Once you collect the Sacred Gland, all hell breaks loose, and you’ll want to make a quick getaway. However, that’s easier said than done. Here’s how to escape the ice area.

How to Leave the Ice Area in Mortal Shell Crypt of Martyrs

A lot players have become confused while trying to leave the ice area. As it turns out, you can escape the area by following a few specific steps:

  1. From the Gland location to the crypt, follow the narrow staircase furthest to the right. This will take you to the locked door right by the second Sester found outside the Grisha’s lair (WARNING: A new Grisha will have spawned)
  2. The ghouls will tend to group together, but those ahead of you may try a leaping attack. If you doubt your dodging, use Harden to protect yourself from the leaps. Since it’s not technically a hit, leaps won’t break through Harden instantly
  3. When you reach the crypt, stay to the left and near the walls to avoid swarming. This will lead you to the entrance and out of the dungeon

This dungeon is a long run with narrow paths, so be careful when dodging past larger enemies to avoid rolling off the edge. Also, the ghosts that spawn can stun you with damaging ice spells, so if you see one slowly raise its arms, make sure you’re not positioned in front of it. Finally, many of the enemies have ranged attacks, so try to move in a serpentine path when you can to make yourself a harder target.

The Crypt of Martyrs is notable for being the only dungeon that has ghoul enemies both before and after the Gland extraction. Though they have low durability, ghouls are fast and persistent. Their leap attacks stun you, do heavy damage and have a chance to poison you. Boiled Frogs for stamina and Tarspores for poison resistance are recommended when facing them.

Follow these steps and you’ll learn how to leave Mortal Shell’s ice area in no time. Remember, stay frosty.

Written by Andrew Smith