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Multiversus | How to Toast Another Player

Multiversus - How to Toast Another Player

The newest online Smash-like fighter Multiversus allows you to toast another player after matches. Think of it as a novel mechanic in the game to show respect for an opponent. It’s really an impressively simple way to foster good sportsmanship that’s almost as simple as the venerable “gg” between matches. We’ll show you how you can toast other players in this guide!

How to Toast Another Player in Multiversus

How to Toast Another Player in Multiversus

Before you can toast another player, you actually need to have Toasts to hand out. Getting Toasts is as simple as buying a 10 Pack of them for 350 Gold. You can get some as well by having the Battle Pass, but 350 Gold isn’t that much in the grand scheme of things.

Once you have some Toasts, you’ll be able to give them out to respectful opponents who have bested you in a match. At the post-battle screen, there will be a large blue button on top of the character banners that says “Give Toast.” Simply hit this button with your cursor, and you’ll Toast the other player. This will award them a Toast and give them 25 Gold. Yes, that means you’ll lose 10 Gold in the conversion.

Multiversus actually has challenges that involve Toasting other players. You get Gold for completing these, so even if the act is a bit self-serving at times, this is still an ingenious way of fostering good sportsmanship in a field that can often get contentious.

There’s one more thing to keep in mind. You only get an opportunity to Toast when the game is over entirely. If all players decide to move forward with a rematch, you won’t get the opportunity to do so until everyone has decided they’re done with the matches.

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Written by Andrew Smith