How to Get Bloodstone Core in My Time at Sandrock

Commission Board in My Time at Sandrock
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The Bloodstone Core is a refined material in My Time at Sandrock that is essential for a couple of important reasons. Not only is it utilized as a component for a few workstations, but it’s also an item requested by Amirah and Hugo via the Commission Board. Since it’s a refined item, Sandrockers won’t be able to locate it in or around town. Therefore, players must craft the material in question.

If you want to erect a new Chef’s Cooking Station or an Electric Kiln, you’ll need Bloodstone Cores. As the name implies, these are generated through Bloodstones, but what else is required? As you’ll quickly see, not much.

How to Get the Bloodstone Core in My Time at Sandrock

Hard Rock in Sandrock
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You can obtain a Bloodstone Core using an Intermediate Worktable while assembling Bloodstone and Clay in My Time at Sandrock. Craft x3 Bloodstone and x5 Clay to produce the refined core. You cannot purchase this item. Instead, you must make your own Bloodstone Cores in the game. Once you do, you’ll start finding ways to use the refined material for several creations.

The Intermediate Worktable is an enhanced workstation that is functional enough to produce a variety of valuable items. Players unlock it by working with Qi at the Research Center to acquire its blueprint. This comes long after the standard Workstable is introduced during “The New Builder” quest. With it, players can build a sturdy Hardwood Fence, Throwing Bomb, Iron Pickhammer, and many more.

Obtaining Resources for Refined Core

Hard Rock Item Drops with Bloodstone
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Bloodstone is more challenging to locate than Clay. When considering the two, Bloodstone is obtained by mining away Hard Rocks in the Eufaula Desert with a Bronze Pickhammer. Breaking apart a Hard Rock will also yield Stone, Marble, and Dew, with a slight chance of additionally acquiring Throwing Rocks.

As for Clay, you can easily swing your Pickhammer at any layer of the Eufaula Salave Abandoned Ruins area. Since multiple layers exist, you must be attentive to what ground you’re digging into. Look for the smoother patches on the ground, which are highly likely to generate Clay as a drop.

Alternatively, if you don’t fancy getting sand in your shoes, you can always spend Gols to purchase the raw material. Sandrockers can buy Clay at the Ceramic Gate shop (run by Amirah), just south of the Church of the Light. If you wish to purchase Clay, the only prerequisite is completing the “The Moonlighter” quest. It’s a side mission concerning Amirah and Clay, so it’s best to assist her when you get the chance.

Using the Bloodstone Core

Once you’ve acquired some Bloodstone Cores from whichever method you choose, you can begin constructing new stations. In addition to the aforementioned Chef’s Cooking Station and Electric Kiln, players can craft the Civil Furnace and Fire-Powered Generator to access more recipes.

The Bloodstone Core isn’t as important as it might seem as an item alone. While Amirah and Hugo of Sandrock will request it via the Commission Board, the material is used mainly for the new workstations. None of the Sandrock locals would greatly appreciate it as a gift; everyone would be relatively neutral if they were to receive it. That’s why it’s best to use the refined material whenever necessary, so don’t waste it!

Breaking Hard Rock in Desert
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You won’t be handling a refined item like the core elsewhere. Constructing, gifting, and even selling it are your only options; the former matters most.


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