Where to Find Sandacuda in My Time at Sandrock

Sandfishing with Elsie in My Time at Sandrock
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Oh, Sandacuda, a ferocious sandfish in My Time at Sandrock that swims with a heart of gold. This particular fish is one of many that players can catch within the game, though its home eludes some builders. Where exactly is this sandfish, and what can players achieve with it once they’ve caught one?

As builders explore their potential, acquiring Sandacudas becomes imperative for cooking up a few dishes. A couple of Sandrock locals also enjoy a taste of this sandfish, whether raw or dried. With this in mind, gather your Sandfish Traps and head out into the world of My Time at Sandrock. Here are the locations you’ll need to search to find this creature.

Where to Find Sandacuda in My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock, Sandacuda Fish Location
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The Sandacuda can be found in a few fishing spots in My Time at Sandrock, with Paradise Lost as the initial location. It’s the area where you run into a struggling Elsie as she reels in a sandfish. You’ll find it next to the Eufaula Salvage. Moreover, it’s incredibly close to the Workshop, making it perfectly accessible.

Regarding Elsie, her side quest, “Call me Elsmael,” formally introduces sandfishing in My Time at Sandrock. She tasks you with catching some Carp, though this area is also where Sandacuda dwells.

In addition to the Paradise Lost location, the Wandering Y Ranch rarely sees a Sandacuda rise to the surface. You have a better chance of sandfishing in the Dead Sea fishing spot, where you can even obtain Large Sandacudas. However, you’ll likely encounter this spot later in the game when you can access the Dead Sea.

Catching and Using Sandacudas

Sandrock Sandacuda Sandfishing
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Now that you know where the Sandacuda lives, you can deploy your Sandfish Traps. To bait them, utilize Sandrice instead of Sandworms. They’ll start to swim to the surface; thus, you can then toss the trap in to snatch them up. It’s best to keep an eye on your stamina, whether you successfully catch the sandfish or not.

Once you’ve obtained some Sandacudas, you can head back to your Workshop and attend a few stations. For the Drying Rack, you can basically add Sandacuda and Soy Sauce to dry the sandfish. This generates a Dried Sandacuda (valued at 50 Gols), though the Cooking Stations allow for two meals to be served:

  • Fine Hot and Sour Fish (Cooked from Apprentice Cooking Station) – Chili (x1), Sandacuda (x1), Vinegar (x1)
  • Fish Sandfishsticks (Cooked from Chef’s Cooking Station) – Flour (x1), Sea Salt (x1), Sandacuda (x1)

The Fish Sandfishsticks can be sold for 62 Gols a plate, while the Fine and Hot Sour Fish is valued at 43 Gols. While earning a few extra Gols is always lovely, some Sandrock residents will appreciate the Sandacuda and its cooked versions.

The cats Banjo and Captain are the only locals to enjoy raw Sandacudas, and they have a +6 in relationship points. Captain is also a fan of the Dried Sandacuda, and he has a +8 intake, which includes Burgess. As for the other meals, you’ll be pleased with an +8 from Arvio if you gift him a Fine and Hot Sour Fish.


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