NBA 2K21 | What is Dime Time?

NBA 2K21 Dime Time

NBA 2K21 is a graphical wonder, and a really good representation of next-gen consoles in action. That being said, they did not completely neglect their mechanics and community connections. One of these awesome community events is part of NBA 2K MyPark. Dime Time in NBA 2K21 is the event in question; what is it, and should you worry about taking part in it? We’ve got some answers for you.

What is Dime Time in NBA 2K21?

NBA 2K21 Dime Time

Dime Time in NBA 2K21 is an event that can only happen in NBA 2K MyPark where players are encouraged to get assists in games all around MyPark. If all players are able to build up the assist count, and reach the quota in time, all players who participated earn a reward. This award tends to be a buff towards your Assist stat, which makes your player better at assisting. However, it’s definitely something you should try and get done if you like going to NBA 2K MyPark.

Dime Time tends to only be open for one day. The last Dime Time (from the writing of this article) was on April 7th, 2021. There will likely be another one in May, but there are no Dime Times scheduled for the rest of the month! We look forwards to the next one, since it’s fun to grind up assists in the games that we play.

The rewards for finishing Dime Time does vary quite a bit. Most important is probably the 2,500 VC, which is a decent bundle of cash for just generating some assists. This is some good incentive to actually practice passing… Though, you are trusting your randoms quite a bit to help you pass. This is much easier with a friend, though by the nature of the event, you’re going to need the help of your randoms. Hopefully, you get enough help that you can complete the event. That shouldn’t be too hard at all!

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Written by Andrew Smith