New Hell Let Loose Carentan Map Added With Update

Hell Let Loose Carentan Map

The online wargame Hell Let Loose brought to us by Team 17 and Black Matter has just received a massive update. In preparation for the upcoming weekend, this update brings major improvements to the game’s aesthetics while adding new content. The star of the update is the newly introduced Hell Let Loose Carentan map, which will shine even brighter among the improvements to the gameplay.

The Hell Let Loose Carentan map is at the center of the update and as described by the developers, it’s unlike any of the maps currently available. It was made with the intent to create a detailed urban setting that would force players into tight spaces for more intense combat. Up until now, a majority of the maps encouraged open-field combat and gave players plenty of space to run around and fight from a distance. With Carentan, players will have to be more cautious and strategic to achieve victory.

First appearing in Band of Brothers, Carentan became very memorable with the developers attempting to capture as much detail as possible in this Hell Let Loose update. They describe as many of the most recognizable locations, such as the Cafes Desire Ingouf and De Normandie, are available for players to visit. Despite its condensed nature, the town of Carentan is quite expansive and is currently the largest urban landscape in the game. The bridges that lead across the canals are highlighted as tactical points that players will need to control in order to achieve victory.

With the focus of the Hell Let Loose Carentan map being inner-city battles and close combat, the update raises the brutality significantly. Luckily, players will have places to get away from the ensuing chaos. Surrounding the town are low-lying flooded fields with farmhouses to hide in and wide-open spaces to explore. Players looking for a tactical position in the outlying lands would do well to head for Mont Halais, a hilltop that overlooks the Carentan train station.

With a free weekend on the horizon, Hell Let Loose will be flooded with 50 vs 50 battles. The introduction of the urban battleground Carentan in Update #7 will pack players in and force them to battle tooth and nail within the town walls. Hell has let loose and soon will the players.

Written by Andrew Smith